Find Your Freedom In Your Home

Is a service not only to help you organize, de-clutter and harmonize your home, but to support you in the process of purging, releasing and clearing out old energy while tidying up your environment.

We collect stuff! It is a behavior that motivated by society and the marketing industry. The more you have the …… feel. (Fill in the blanks.)

Find Your Freedom In Your Home is a Holistic Approach to a Healthy, Peaceful, Harmonious Home Environment.

• Free up your guest room, garage, closets, office, other areas filled with stuff

• Get out of overwhelm, feeling suffocated or frustrated because of stuff

• Organize so there is a place for everything and everything in its place

• Improve your sleep, concentration and energy by organizing and purging.

• Make your home a sanctuary instead of an uncomfortable space

• Alleviate the stress of your crazy schedule by removing annoying ‘piles.’

• Get those boxes unpacked after a recent or long ago move!

• Redesign your space after a life-changing transition with support.

• Get the emotional freedom to let go in a healthy, loving and functional way.

• Eliminate the confusion of the “Where do I even start?” syndrome.

• Become a minimalist and enjoy simple, harmonious, functional living.

• Create a functional environment where you feel confident to invite guests.

• Get ready to let-go, purge things that no longer serve you or bring you joy.

After 16+ years as a Coach helping people purge emotional and mental beggages, while owning a cleaning business and watched people accumulate things they barely used, I realized there is a connection between the things we surround ourselves with and how we are feeling inside.

On my personal journey of healing and transforming my life after a transition, I found a deep sense of relief when I surrendered and let go of items I no longer found valuable in my life, and felt no joy keeping in my space, and through that experience I realized that my inner world and my environment I lived in was connected on many levels.

This is why I decided to combine my passion for helping people with my ability to see beyond the surface of what is, and shine light on what is in the way of your true desires and dreams, so you can start the process of letting go, purging and organizing your life, inside and out, with ease, love and guidance.

If you feel a sense of readiness to make the change, then it is time to reach out and let me help you Find Your Freedom in your own home, be it your bedroom, garage, closet, or anywhere else in your home or office. I will guide you through organizing, letting go of and purging the things that no longer serve you, be it material or emotional.

Service Packages

“Easy-Breezy” Package* “You Got This” Package* “I Got Your Back”Package
6 Hours
(3×2 hour or 2×3 hour sessions)
Valued at $300.00

30 Minute Consultation
Valued at $75.00

15-minute sessions (2/ 3)
Valued at $50.00-$75.00

Energy clearing after completion.
Valued at $120.00

9 Hours
(3 3 Hour Sessions)
Valued at $450.00

30 Minute Consultation
Valued at $75.00

15-minute sessions (x3)
Valued at $75.00

Energy clearing after completion.
Valued at $120.00

12 Hours
(3x 4 hour or 4×3 hour Sessions)
Valued at $600.00

30 Minute Consultation
Valued at $75.00

15-minute sessions (3-4)
Valued at $75.00- $100.00

Energy clearing after completion.
Valued at $120.00

The total value of $570.00 The total value of $720.00 The total value of $895.00
Your Price $275.00 Your Price $375.00 Your Price $500.00

*These packages are optional and can be booked at any time. For specific tasks, hourly rate or to schedule your 30 minute in home consultation, call Eszti at 239-878-3659.

What others are saying about their experience.

I would be a mess without Eszti! She has helped me organize and purge. She helped me pack for a move without the usual trauma and anxiety. She goes above and beyond. She thinks things through and makes sure that things are clear and clean. Everything was packed perfectly and nothing is broken. I have used Eszti often over the last 11 years. I trust her completely. This is a woman who not only knows what her 100% looks like, she helps me reach mine. I recommend her wholeheartedly for anything from packing to organizing, making best use of space, making an area useful and comfortable. Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes.~Stephony H.

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