Who Am I?

Hello, I’m Eszti. 
I’m a Spiritual Activist and Transformation Coach.
I love long walks on the beach……
Oh sorry, wrong bio…😍 

The truth is that I am many things on paper, but when it comes to my passion and work, which is the same, I am a fun loving Spiritual Activist Nerd who walked a few miles in many different shoes and along the way experienced the most beautiful experience: Emotional Freedom!
The freedom that allows me to show up as my most authentic self and guide the way for others, like You, to experience your Emotional Freedom on your own Unique way.

I have been hurt and felt lost before.πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
I have had my heart broken, more than once. πŸ€”
I have had great successes and failures.  😜
I built and it crumbled.
I loved and been loved deeply.
I have been scared and know trauma.
I cried and laughed.
I fell down and got up many times.
I had nightmares and sleepless nights.
I saw beauty and magic in unexpected places and hearts.
I judged and been judged before.
But most importantly I believed and lost faith, just to learn to believe again….not only in myself but something greater than that.  I am your neighbor and your mail person.
I am the stranger in the grocery store and the smile in the coffee shop. 
I am the laughter in your heart and the breeze on your face.
I am You and You are me, as we are all one big happy family of Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey.

So Hello and welcome
I am Eszti,
Your friendly Spiritual Activist spreading the love and knowledge through coaching, readings, blogs, and vlogs, speaking, posts and webinars.

Welcome to SoulWarrior Living!

I was born and raised in Hungary. At 19 I took a leap of faith and traveled across the β€œpond” to see what life was all about. Little did I knew that through the years of living in a foreign country I would not only learn the language and the culture but also learn about my gifts and passion for making a difference.

Participating in my own growth process I completed many personal development programs and became a teacher and coach. Along the way I was pulled to practice, seek, learn and experience my own spirituality as I embarked on a journey of healing and (re)discovering my truth, my passion and my mission: to guide you to experience YOUR Emotional Freedom!

My mission is to create and model safety and a sense of belonging for women who are ready to step into their calling through healing and growth, by helping them shed the layers of old beliefs, open up to endless and creative possibilities and to take a leap of faith into their desires by cultivating their own Unique Emotional Freedom!

A little about my Journey

Eszter (Eszti) Minor

I spent decades looking for answers and evidence that would explain the reasons and rimes of all my shortcomings. I looked for answers in unhealthy relationships, ignoring the signs of dysfunction and toxicity. Allowed people in my life who had everything to take but not much to give, and found myself alone and broken down many times when my life took a turn for the worse. I have spent most of my life trying to convince myself that I can figure out all the noise and inner struggle on my own because I believed that asking for help would definitely show my weaknesses and would leave me vulnerable. I spent countless nights with anxiety and racing thoughts about how I can fix the hurt and pain before it finds me again, and what I would have to do and be to avoid the dissatisfaction and discomfort of another broken heart. I clung onto people, things and places I thought were supposed to provide me with safety and comfort, just to find myself walking on eggshells and forgetting who I truly am. I dismissed and was blind to the obvious beauty and wonders of my life because I believed that everything had to look and feel a certain way.  If it didn’t I found the way to twist, turn and manipulate everything until it appeared to be, but never truly became, what I imagined would make me happy.  I gave love, time, energy and wisdom to those who could not return it, because it wasn’t for them to take, but my belief of having to prove my value blinded me from the truth. I did not see what was in front of me because I was looking for love, acceptance, safety and my own worth in all the wrong places. I kept getting in my own way! I did not see how my pain was caused by my own choices of not letting go of things, people and places that served their purpose. I did not allow myself to make myself a priority. I spent years teaching others about taking care of themselves while I took care of everyone else, and was left with no passion for my purpose. Until one day I had to make a choice: to get out of my own way and claim my power back, no matter what it took. It took dedication and my willingness to be wrong about all my past beliefs. It took courage to be seen and heard, the courage to take up space!! Without taking up space and willing to be uncomfortable while doing it I could never see the beauty and gifts in my messiest experiences. It took me making myself a priority instead of waiting for someone else to do it for me. I found the causes and purpose of the deep-rooted pain of my life that gave me the confidence to be true to myself, to be loud and be heard, to be seen and celebrated, while I create and offer safety to those around me to heal their own wounds and reach their own desires. It took me to make the decision to invest in my life and heal my own wounds so I can be the champion I am today for those who are ready to do the same.  Like everything else in life, I am working progress and I am proud to say that my experiences of growth, healing, and transformation are my greatest assets, because I can say “I’ve been there and done many of it”!!

I am Excited that you are HERE to Embrace Life’s Beautiful Messiness with me!

There is nothing more fun than being curious and facing uncertainty!!


I know that sounds a little ….crazy? But I am here to tell you that underneath all that mess and frustration there is so much more!!!

Join me to get moving. Take a step forward and let us connect!

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