Here’n’Now Event

Formerly known as The Gathering

Is an interactive group session, using different elements of the personal growth world and spirituality.

After 15 years of teaching the principles of many personal growth masters, coaching hundreds of people, being on a spiritual journey and many times taking the road less traveled, I was guided to break away from the traditional coaching formats and following my inner guidance I co-create HERE’n’NOW.

Each event is built on the spiritual connection to the Universal energy and guidance. Each event includes meditation, intuitive readings, group and individual processes and more.

HERE’n’NOW can be scheduled at any location as a 2-hour workshop or a full day event.

“You start to feel it, I will guide you to heal it.”

I am super excited and deeply grateful to have the opportunity to bring you this event.

After many years of enjoying my own spiritual journey and growth, I am blessed to be able to share ideas, tools, and experiences to inspire and guide others as they embark on their own (re)discovery process.

Looking forward to sharing space with you as we connect and allow the divine guidance to take us on a meditation journey, share experiences, tools and to answer questions.

My mission is to create and model safety and a sense of belonging, so you can shed the layers of old beliefs, open up to endless and creative possibilities and take a leap of faith into the world of miracles through Love. ~EsZti

As a psychic medium, coach and Spiritual Activist,  Eszti developed a unique but powerful approach to help people heal, grow and (re)discover their desires, while she continues to be a student herself!”

Through my own healing and inner work I discovered the 7+ Foundational Principles to Cultivating Your Unique Emotional Freedom. This has become my life’s work and everything I do is built on these principles!

Commitment, Awareness, Surrendering, Forgiveness/Compassion, Trust, Gratitude and Receiving are not only Principles to live by but a Way of Life to true happiness, and a big part of the journey to anyone’s LOVE for life itself.”

For more information and to book any speaking engagement contact EsZti personally at 239-878-3659 or email to

“Amazing class with Eszter at Karma and Coconuts! She is intuitive, insightful, hilarious and most of all has amazing messages to pass on. I was extremely surprised that she gave me the same message as another healer! I also had a visit from my mother during the meditation session which was truly incredible! I am looking forward to more classes with this incredible lady! If you are thinking about it stop thinking and go!” ~K.A

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