Glad you are here. It can mean a few things, one being that you are ready and curious to hear and receive  what your guides and loved ones has to say.


Eszti was born and raised in Hungary. At 19 she took a leap of faith and listening to her guidance she traveled across the “pond” to see what life was all about. Little did she knew that through the years of living in a foreign country she would not only learn the language and the culture, but also learn about her gifts of being a Psychic Medium.

Participating in her own growth process she completed many personal development programs and herself became a teacher and coach to many. Along the way she was pulled to practice, seek, learn and experience her own spirituality which journey led her to discovering her gifts! Eszti is not your average Psychic Medium. Her gifts to communicate with the energies of the spirit world and her extensive training and passion for transforming lives allowed her to develop a unique style when it comes to reading sessions.

She’s not only able to communicate with your loved ones and guides (as long as they choose to come forward), she also has a unique insight of people’s deepest desires and struggles. She learned to listen to all the information and deliver it with the unique approach of softness and directness, that helps people really hear the guidance they are receiving. With Eszti you never know what you will receive, only that it is an authentic and unique experience!

When asked to describe what her sessions are like she laughed and said:

“I cannot even begin to describe what you might experience. The only thing I can tell you that whatever you meant to you will receive. I am not in control of who comes forward or what they want to share. It is different for everyone. I know one thing. I am grateful to be able to serve in this unique way and to be able to be a conduit between the two worlds. It is a great honor to be used by my Higher Power and to be able to assist people on their journey of healing, growth ad transformation. I know how powerful it can be to have someone validate that I am on the right path and to be able to offer that same support for others, humbles me every time I watch someone light up in front of me.”


“So much talent in one person. If you are looking for insight then you found the right person. Book a session you wont be disappointed.” ~Missy K. 

There are many ways to receive a reading from Eszti.

You can receive a Private Reading or book a Group Event!

Private Reading (either in person or on Zoom)  is a three-way process involving the Spirit World, the medium and the client.

Eszti is the channel between you, here in the physical world, and the Spirit World. Validation is the most important aspect of spirit communication.

Group Event is a gathering and celebration of each other, where people come together to share their experiences as Eszti works with each person to connect with loved ones and the Spirit world for guidance and answers.

Group Event can be scheduled as a private party, a business event or a special event to celebrate any occasion. For more information and to book Eszti for a Group Event contact her personally at 239-878-3659 0r email to

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