Find Your Freedom In The Here’n’Now

FYF (Find Your Freedom) In The Here’n’Now is a 9-week long Online Group Coaching Program specifically designed to help you set intentions based on your own unique desires for life and to reach your Unique Emotional Freedom.

  • Spirituality & Personal Growth
  • Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Emotional & Mental Well Being!
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Group Sessions (all online)

And so much more to help you learn how to Create and Truly Live the Life of Your Desires in the HERE and NOW!

This program is interactive and sacred, as it includes group and private coaching sessions each week, supporting the human desire to be connected and supported, as well as fulfilling the desire of privacy and emotional safety as one embarks on their own journey of healing, growth and transformation of their inner world.

Groups are limited to 10 space each and new program dates are set within 6 weeks of each other (Start dates)

Our first group starts on Monday July 15th, 2019.

For more information on upcoming dates and to see if this program is for you click on the links below this tab (Group Coaching Program)


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