1st Annual “Find Your Freedom” Seminar

Due to the coronavirus and its potential impact on our audience and the community we are postponing our event. The new date and further information will be announced shortly.

A Multi-Platform Speaker Event to experience Total Freedom and Liberation

A day filled with opportunities for a Conscious Mind-Body-Spirit Connection!

A day of
Speakers 🎤🎤
Lunch and Refreshments ☕🍝
Vendors 💗
Raffle 🎟
Giveaways 🎁

Saturday, April 18th, 2020

Embassy Suites by Hilton
10450 Corkscrew Commons Drive
Estero, FL 33928

Education, Connection and Opportunities.

Where it ALL comes together!

Create and Truly Live the Life of Your Desires in the HERE and NOW!

Over half a dozen speakers joining together to share their passion for making a difference!

The topics are diverse and unique, just like each of us. It is not one size fits all when it comes to solving problems and having to know this we offer a wide variety of information that can lead to anyone’s “FREEDOM” in any area.

Are you ready to:

  • step into what you desire?
  • take charge of your own life?
  • TRUST yourself?
  • have meaningful relationships?
  • take care of your Mind, Body and Spirit Connection?
  • meet like-minded people you can build a long-lasting connection with?
  • let go of the old and experience freedom and liberation?
  • the time of your life filled with new experiences, relationships, and opportunities?
  • break free from the “norm”?
  • experience high energy and clarity?
  • experience true freedom, peace, and overall well-being? 
  • dissolve fears and worries and live a fulfilled life?

“Finding our freedom means finding our truth, our genuine self, our authentic Self, our Essence underneath all the conditioning, trauma, fear, beliefs, and stories we imprisoned ourselves with while trying to figure out our purpose.” ~EsZti, Founder of FYF Seminar

What does Freedom mean to you?

The ability to choose to pursue your Vision?

To feel free to be your authentic self, expressing and speaking your truth?

To know how to dissolve perceived walls of limitations and recognize your true potential?

To experience overall well being?

To have the ability to choose each moment from a place of presence and give from a place of fulfillment?

To Be, Do and Have anything you desire?

 To have a sense of safety and belonging within and the opportunity to champion others to find their Freedom?

Our Freedom is unique to each of us, just like the journey that got us to this point!


A platform where desires and solutions come together!

Speaker Highlight

“Emotional Freedom is the foundation of a healthy and balanced life. Without it, we are just a bundle of old wounds surviving but not truly living.”

Eszter (EsZti) Minor


EsZti is the founder of the “Find Your Freedom” Series which includes online programs, classes, workshops, retreats and now the Annual “Find Your Freedom” Seminar.

As an intuitive coach and trauma survival herself, she understands the value of safety and a need to have a sense of belonging while faced with the newness and uncertainty of life. Her passion is to co-create platforms where desires and solutions can come together and to connect people, places and things she is inspired to while uplifting, empowering and guiding everyone on their own unique journey.

“Freedom is the ability to choose to pursue your vision.”

Tina Crumpacker Author/Coach/Speaker

Tina has coached over 10,000 people including other life coaches, entrepreneurs, employees, couples, parents, teachers, teens, and even prisoners. Her expertise covers the four areas of life; career/ finance & education, relationships, body/mind/spirit and being a contribution in the world.
Best selling author of “The Journey to YOU” ~ More than a Book, an Experience, with 52 Ground Rules for Life and now her latest book is about relationships, “The Journey to US, a Book for Couples.”

Gloria Reilly Kundalini Yoga Teacher

“When we experience freedom, perceived walls of limitation dissolve and our true potential is revealed.”

Dedicated to helping others, her devotion stems from the transformative integration of the Kundalini Yoga teachings into her own daily life. Gloria’s goal is to share the tools she has learned to guide people to their self-initiated process of healing and growth. Her classes incorporate movement (asana), breath (pranayama), and sacred sound (mantra). A favorite Yogi Bhajan quote that guides her is: “You are the master of your destiny, you are the prediction of your horoscope, you are the leader of your day, you are the light of your life.”

Jenny Li Ciccone Certified EFT Practitioner/ International coach / Author

Jenny is a committed mentor and guide helping others to reach their fullest potential and live a purposeful life with joy and freedom. She offers a “whole-person” approach to help you overcome fears and blocks and regain balance at all levels. As the author of “Decoding the Secrets of Joyful Living”, Jenny “offers a proven methodology that serves to free people of their emotional addictions and gain the ability to achieve the emotional freedom to live a life of peace and joy”. www.joyfuljourneycoaching.net

“Freedom is having  the ability to experience overall well being.”

Jeffrey E. Berger Holistic Wellness Partner / Humanitarian Entrepreneur

Jeffrey’s approach to creating a balanced Mind, Body, Spirit connection in his life and to make a difference through transparency and genuine care for the well-being of others is truly inspiring. Facing his own health challenges and making the commitment to be an interruption in generational physical ailments offered him an opportunity to educate, empower and champion others to do the same. As a co-author in the book “It’s Ok Not to Be Ok” he tells his story with transparency and courage, bringing hope to so many.

Keli Ackroyd, Naturopathic Doctor/Holistic Coach

Keli’s journey started with a love of psychology and learning about the underlying motivations for people’s behaviors. Studied metaphysics, became a Certified Reiki Master, continued to study psychic development and learned everything she could about energy work. She spent years in the personal growth world working with renowned companies such as LifeSpring, Global Relationship Centers, and Partners4Transformation as a coach and trainer. After her Mom’s transition, Keli moved to California where she trained as an herbalist, iridologist, and massage therapist and continued her education earning her Doctor of Naturopathy degree in 2009. Keli believes that freedom is experiencing ourselves as the creator of our own “heaven on earth”.

Our Event and Community Partners

Bring your team and save!

Group offers are available!

General admission table (10 Top) $795.00 (Valued over a $1000.00)
VIP admission table (10 Top) $995.00 (Valued over $1500.00)

To become an Event Sponsor/Partner contact Eszter Minor directly at living@soulwarrior44.com

You make a difference when you invest in yourself!

Each Ticket sold supports our “GIVE TO GROW” PROGRAM. Through this initiative we choose a local organization working directly with victims of Human Trafficking.
All profits from the Raffle and a portion of the ticket sales will be donated to Sponsor the Mission of the RYAN Healing Center, a community partner of the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking.

Your “Find Your Freedom” Team!

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