I am so excited to share this page with a few amazing people and the work they do to make our World an amazing place!


Sharing their knowledge, passion, gifts and art, Tina Crumpacker and Robby Davison found the way to create something new, fun and transformational together.


Tina Crumpacker has been a catalyst in my life for so many reasons.44222119_524510658011746_4027691030198353920_o

Her dedication and love for transforming lives gave me the opportunity over 15 years ago to start my journey of personal growth!

Tina and her amazing husband, Pete Crumpacker, has been my surrogate family here in the US for over a decade. They always reminded me how important it is to nurture each and every relationship in my life. They are the ones I blame, jokingly, for the relationships I was able to create with my Mom, Dad and brother in Hungary, using the tools they modeled and taught me through the years.

These years has been nothing short of a few miracles as I received other gifts of Tina’s effort and commitment to changing lives.

Learning the value of personal responsibility, the prices and payoffs of choosing to be real and open, remembering who my true Essence is, and trusting my intuition as I face the uncertainty of each adventure ahead were just a few of so many gifts I was blessed with knowing and working with Tina. She is the reason I have found my passion for coaching and guiding others on their Journey



Her first book, The Journey To YOU, “More than a book, an Experience”, was released in February of 2010, which made her a #1 best-selling author!



On November 17th and 25th, 2018 she is sharing her next gift with the world, her second book!

The Journey To US! A book for couples!

For information on the November 17th event in Fort Myers CLICK HERE!

For information on the November 25th event in Bonita Springs CLICK HERE!

To follow Tina on Facebook CLICK HERE!


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As Tina moved forward with her passion to share her knowledge with the world she met and connected with artist R. W. Davison from the West Coast and fell in love with his work. This divine meeting lead to Tina’s book cover and so much more!!!!


“I grew up in Santa Cruz, CA.  My days were spent searching for that perfect wave as a young surfer but art was always in my blood.  I spent a few great summers just painting and surfing living right on the ocean.” ~ R. W. Davison

I was honored to connect with Robby and find out more about his life and his passion for art! The video below brings us into his life and allows us to connect with this amazing artist as he shares himself with the world!

Enjoy, Share and Live the Life YOU Love to Live








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