More than a “Book-Club”!

A Journey To


A Life-Altering Experience!

1 Book + 3 mentors + 12 Weeks
Total Personal Freedom!

An Online Group Program with infinite possibilities for growth, healing, and transformation.

You are on this page because you are ready to experience total personal freedom! You are ready to step into your true power!

You can have glimpses of peace and serenity or a lifetime of an abundance of it in all areas of your life; wealth, health, relationships, and community. 

  • How would you feel knowing that any of the choices you made up until now were paving your future?
  • Imagine as you let go of everything you think and believe you know and experiencing joy through the unknown.
  • Imagine as you wake up in the morning excited and curious about what is next.
  • Feel the deep meaningful connections and the belly laughs as you spend time with friends and family.
  • Be wondrous about the new adventures you face, as you are breaking out of your shell taking up space in your own true skin.
  • Envision as you live moment to moment filled with curiosity.
  • Feel the freedom you cultivate knowing you have created it all!!

The Journey to YOU “Book-Club” is your calling to take action on living the life you LOVE to LIVE with 3 mentors guiding you along the way!!

Here’s what included in your 3 months (12 weeks) transformation program:

  • The book by #1 Amazon best selling author Tina Crumpacker  “The Journey To YOU “More than a book, an Experience!” which you will use each week in parallel with our group sessions.
  • 3 mentors at your service.
  • A weekly, 2 hours, online group session. (Via Zoom) Sessions are recorded and available for unlimited viewing.
  • Weekly, specially designed challenges that will support you in getting out of your own way by stretching, trying new things, and allowing the experience to support you in healing and busting through your old belief system.
  • Opportunities to stretch, take up space,  experience the fun and excitement while you reconnect with your inner child and his or her forgotten desires. 
  • Links and downloads shared weekly.
  • A private Facebook Group where you can connect with others, ask questions, and share your wins.

Why did we create this program?

We wanted to create a program where it is safe to open up and you are supported every step of the way. Where you can try new things and stay true to yourself, and have fun doing it. Where you can heal, grow and embrace the life you desire while unapologetically taking up space! Where you can make your way BACK to YOU!

Why you should choose this program?

  • Because you are the most unique element of this program as you design your own experiences and we are here to remind you that every day.
  • Because we choose to work with a small group each time so you can receive our undivided attention. 
  • Because the 3 of us bring over 80 years of professional and even more life experiences to guide you.
  • Because we are not here to tell you what you “should” do or who you “should” be, rather hold space and help you remember your truth.
  • Because you will not find a team of mentors more committed and focused.

About Your Mentors

Eszter Minor

Eszter (EsZti) Minor, Intuitive Coach/Speaker

EsZti is the founder of the “Find Your Freedom” Series which includes online programs, classes, workshops, retreats and the Annual “Find Your Freedom” Seminar.

As an intuitive coach and trauma survival herself, she understands the value of safety and a need to have a sense of belonging while faced with the newness and uncertainty of life. Her passion is to co-create platforms where desires and solutions can come together and to connect people, places and things she is inspired to while guiding everyone on their own unique journey.

With 15+ years of experience in personal development, as a coach and student, I found having the same experiences in many areas, which made me wonder if there was something deeper. I found, through my own liberation and freedom, that it is not enough to change our thinking, but it is crucial to change our behavior as well. To be willing to feel the emotions we are so committed to ignore and avoid is the key to shifting our beliefs, paradigms and freeing ourselves from the conditioning of this world. Remembering our own truth and making conscious choices from a place of presence is true freedom.” ~Eszti

Tina Crumpacker

Tina Crumpacker Author/Coach/Speaker

Tina has coached over 10,000 people including other life coaches, entrepreneurs, employees, couples, parents, teachers, teens, and even prisoners. Her expertise covers the four areas of life; career/ finance & education, relationships, body/mind/spirit and being a contribution in the world.

Best selling author of “The Journey to YOU” ~ More than a Book, an Experience, with 52 Ground Rules for Life and now her latest book is about relationships, “The Journey to US, a Book for Couples.”

Keli Ackroyd, Naturopathic Doctor/Holistic Coach

Keli Ackroyd

Keli’s journey started with a love of psychology and learning about the underlying motivations for people’s behaviors. Studied metaphysics, became a Certified Reiki Master, continued to study psychic development and learned everything she could about energy work. She spent years in the personal growth world working with renowned companies such as LifeSpring, Global Relationship Centers, and Partners4Transformation as a coach and trainer. After her Mom’s transition, Keli moved to California where she trained as an herbalist, iridologist, and massage therapist and continued her education earning her Doctor of Naturopathy degree in 2009. Keli believes that freedom is experiencing ourselves as the creator of our own “heaven on earth”.

  • Imagine as you listen to your intuition and follow its guidance all the time, knowing that you are on the right path even with uncertainty surrounding you. 
  • Think about waking up in the morning excited and looking forward to your day, because you took charge of your own happiness, which allows you to experience even the challenges with curiosity and ownership.
  • Imagine TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF before anyone else and the impact you are making from this space. 
  • Imagine what it’s like to have fun, feel confident and inspired, connect with genuine loving people, have a support system and never apologizing for your greatness ever again!
  • Feel and see as you are celebrated and uplifted, not because of all that you do, but simply because of who you truly are! Imagine as you feel the love and appreciation of the world around you for your own unique gifts and believing that you are simply irresistible, wanted and worthy of living the life you love to live.
  • Imagine taking the next step into embracing your life’s messiness and enjoying every step BACK to YOU: Your Original Uniqueness!

Now I want you to think about doing nothing and see yourself waking up 2 years later wondering when things might change, feeling hopeless and empty, from giving it all away and nothing to yourself.

  • Imagine doing nothing, but staying with the same old same old, wondering when it will be your turn to have a good laugh and enjoy life your way!
  • Imagine watching the days go by continuing to seek and search for answers but never taking action.
  • There is no tomorrow that promised to any of us and the regrets and resentment of NOT investing in YOUR DESIRES only cost you everything you say you want!!!
  • Not investing in your own life will only cost you the joy, adventure, celebration, fun, connection, and freedom you are putting on the back burner.

You have a choice; YOU will either arrive at your last day of this journey, called life, filled with regrets and resentment thinking of all the ‘should haves’ or ‘could haves’ OR YOU will arrive at your moment of transition with a smile on your face, feeling a little beat up and bruised from the ride, with strawberry in one hand and champagne in the other, yelling: WHAT A RIDE THIS WAS!!! 

There is no better day than today to give yourself the gift of transformation and take a leap of faith into the uncertainty of your amazing life filled with excitement, fun, laughter, growth, and love!

Each of us walked a few miles in your shoes and we know the anticipation, excitement, and fear you are feeling as you make a choice.

After taking the next step and signing up we guarantee you will never see fear and doubt the same way. You will be welcomed with compassion and kindness. We will light the way until you remember how to love and light your own path to your desires.

“This book is a powerful guide on a journey of self-exploration and self-transformation. With deep insight grounded in her rich life experience, the author gently, but firmly leads you through a highly emotional process of change and personal growth, which will profoundly influence every area of your life. Truly “a guide by your side, not a sage on the stage”. she helps you not just learn, but experience and feel the change.” ~Alex Crandall M.D. President, Brain Training Institute

For an Unbeatable, once in a lifetime offer of $450.00 you will receive:

  • Group Orientation Session (February 20th 2020) 02.20.2020 (Bonus valued over $300.00)
  • 3 Coaches for 12 weeks (Valued over $5000.00)
  • The book delivered to you. ($26.95 + Shipping)
  • Weekly online group sessions via Zoom. (Sessions are recorded with unlimited access for replays) (Valued over $1500.00)
  • Lifetime access to the Facebook group (Priceless)


  • You have the drive and desire to change.
  • You are willing to stretch and try new things.
  • You are willing to take ownership of your experience.
  • You are ready to invest in your NEW LIFE and do whatever it takes to follow through.
  • You had enough of just surviving and ready to live the life you love to live.
  • You are ready to remember and heal what’s holding you back and embrace the journey of uncertainty and transformation.


  • You are looking to blame others for your experience and life.
  • You are looking for someone who will let you wallow in your circumstances.
  • You are just looking for some more insight but not ready to take action.
  • You are looking for someone else to make things happen for you.
  • You are trying to stay comfortable while expecting results.

What others are saying about their experiences.

“An amazing concise, impactful personal growth adventure in a book.”

“Years of wisdom unfolds through the reader’s own participation.”

“Your Original Uniqueness is unveiled through each step of “The Journey To YOU”.”

Schedule (Subject to change)

  • Thursday, February 20th, 2020. 5:30 PM (ET) Orientation (Bonus Session) 02.20.2020
  • Session 1: Thursday, February 27th, 2020 5:30 PM ET.
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