7(+) Principles

A Lifetime of Freedom

A Uniquely designed journey to Your Truth.

This Self-propelled, do-it-at-home-at-your-own-pace program, was built to help you remember your true value while

“Cultivating Your Unique Emotional Freedom”

For an Unbeatable, once in a lifetime offer of $19.00.

  • Over a Dozen links to Meditations (Valued over $100.00)
  • PDF Ebook (Valued $50.00)
  • Directory of Books, Podcasts, Meditation, and other useful tools. (Valued $50.00)
  • Processes, Video and Audio downloads to guide you through your experience. (Valued over $500.00)
  • Bonus Gift when you complete. (Valued over $500.00)
  • Lifetime Membership in our Private Facebook Group (Priceless)

This is where it All Comes Together:
Spirituality & Personal Growth
Mind, Body, and Spirit
Emotional & Mental Well Being!
And so much more to help you Create and Truly Live the Life of Your Desires in each Moment!

Do you ever:

  • Wonder if there is more to your life?
  • Feel stuck and resentful toward your environment and loved ones?
  • Wake up feeling frustrated and hopeless?
  • Feel like your Emotions running your life?
  • Find yourself disconnected, invisible or alone?
  • Feel tired of being responsible for others’ happiness?
  • Find yourself triggered and emotionally reactive?
  • Feel guilty when making yourself a priority?
  • Ask “Why is this happening to me?
  • Just want to be heard and seen but afraid of the vulnerability?
  • Experience anxiety and spend too much time in your head?
  • Get tired of being afraid?
  • Feel like something is missing?

Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself answering Yes to any of these questions. So many women live day to day with similar thoughts and feelings while doing the best they can to be there for others. I used to be one of those women. Wanting to be there for everyone and feeling like I’m letting the world down at the same time. Longing for more while questioning my worth and feeling guilty when I turned my attention to myself.

Welcome Friend

I’m Eszter (EsZti) Minor, founder of SoulWarrior Living, intuitive coach, speaker, and author.
I guide women to live fiercely and to trust themselves with a simple method of the 7(+) Principles, A LIfetime of Freedom Program, guaranteed. 

This uniquely designed journey to your truth was born out of years of seeking and searching for answers, until one day I just had nothing left to give and resisting became more challenging than SURRENDERING.

I was tired of feeling POWERLESS and AFRAID.
I was tired of feeling DEFEATED and HOPELESS

I was READY and WILLING to live a FEARLESS LIFE as I was ready to experience FREEDOM.

Freedom from the old. Freedom from the darkness of what has been and ready to embrace what is truly meant for me, facing my FEARS and DOUBTS, leaning into the UNKNOWN with a deep, inner knowing that I was not alone. 

I was READY to experience a FULFILLING life in every area; Relationships, Career and Finance, Mind, Body and Spirit, and the way I can be a Contribution in this world.

Taking action through this READINESS and WILLINGNESS I discovered that:

  • “Getting over” things only delays the healing and growth each experience offers, and SURRENDERING to “go through” an experience brings endless creative possibilities.
  • Emotional healing is a must to experience true FREEDOM. 
  • The Universe (God, my guides, intuition) always have and had my back.
  • My Mind, Body and Spirit Connection is the FOUNDATION of all areas of my life.
  • It is the RESISTANCE to change that caused most of my suffering.
  • There are so many others who want the same and willing to help.
  • My greatest pain and darkest traumas contained my greatest gifts.
  • Each moment is perfectly made.
  • Everything is leading to a miracle, even if it is the most uncomfortable experience.
  • The world around me is only the reflection of the world within me.
  • Changing my inner world by LETTING GO and HONORING my experiences create a NEW world I can live in FEARLESSLY and FREE. 
  • I am the CREATOR of my reality.

About the 7+ Principles

Everything needs a strong foundation!!!

The 7 Principles helps you to build a strong Mind, Body, Spirit Connection which is the foundation of a Healthy and Joyful Life. The (+) represents YOU,  Your Own Uniqueness.
Each of our journeys is UNIQUE, made up of the combination of our upbringing, cultural conditioning, relationships, values, and everything we experience in life, directly or indirectly affecting us in a unique way.
Just like your personal journey to this point the next chapter of your life also has a deep sense of uniqueness.
As we take a leap of faith into the newness through making our “well-being” a priority, we are all guided through the connection we have to our Higher Self, Intuition, the Universe, our guides, God, or whatever word you resonate with when referring to your spiritual connection. Just like this is unique to everyone, so will be some of the tools, places, people, and things you will be guided to in order to help you on your journey. 
The intention of this program is to help you recognize this guidance so that you can take intuitively guided action toward your UNIQUE FREEDOM. It offers the opportunity to clear out space within and make room for expansion and newness. It brings you the opportunity of new perceptions and through that a new view on life. This newness is only possible because you decided to follow through. By applying the 7 Principles you can build a strong foundation and live FIERCELY standing in your TRUTH.  

Through this Uniquely designed journey, you will be able to 

  • Find endless opportunities to use the most powerful tool you have; your Free Will
  • Connect with your intuition on a deeper level and make decisions to support your desired outcome, without control or manipulation. 
  • Receive several meditations to choose from that support each principle.
  • Have the opportunity to practice Free Writing, a journaling process, a way to allow your thoughts and guidance to flow through you. This can help you experience the freedom of creativity.
  • Discover how your inner world affects the world around you and how through your healing and growth your environment can transform too.
  • Become aware of your emotions and their value and take your POWER BACK!
  • Learn how to get out of your own way. 
  • Identify and let go of old believes that kept you stuck and small all this time so you can experience true FREEDOM!
  • Take action on your desires through love.
  • Find the gifts, purpose, and magic underneath all that mess; pain, hurt, loss, trauma and begin to HEAL!
  • Re-write your stories about the experiences you had to see the magic in them.
  • Practice forgiveness and self-compassion as you embrace your experiences.
  • Make subtle changes each day to love yourself.
  • Start allowing and receiving the miracles of your life: live in JOY!
  • Learn to trust yourself: truly TRUST the Process!
  • Practice the Art of Appreciation to allow the flow of abundance.
  • Respond through a new perception: know your own WORTH!
  • Communicate boundaries with love, not only to others but to yourself.
  • Match your emotions with your true desires and find joy in everything you experience: know the true POWER of ALIGNMENT with Your Higher Self.
  • Experience life through synchronicities with ease.
  • Have Fun!

What others are saying about working with EsZti:

“Her loving and caring compassion towards others makes her such a strong and passionate coach. Her coaching has helped me to be more of myself with everyone around me. The benefit that I receive from doing that could be compared to freedom a caged bird might feel once it has room to spread its wings.” ~Juan R. 

The most important issue she helped me with is my need to hoard, that I was isolating myself against the pain I was feeling. I was able to start unloading and relinquishing the need for isolating. I’m feeling freer every time I get rid of things.”~Deb D.


  • JOY!
  • Fulfilling RELATIONSHIPS!
  • A Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit Connection!
  • Growth in every area of your life. 
  • Endless creative possibilities! 
  • Did I say FUN?!

“I was extremely impressed without a doubt. Going with uncertainty and a little hesitant at first, but it was a matter of me getting out of my way. I believe everyone should be doing some kind of self-improvement, manifestation. transformation – whatever it is for them. It gave me an opportunity to start digging deep inside me.” 

A work in progress for sure. 
Thanks, EsZti ” ~J.E.B

What to look forward to:

Principle 1: Setting the Intention for your transformation.
First, you will have an opportunity to set the intention for what you want to accomplish and learn the power of COMMITMENT.

Principle 2: Learning the value of being present and practicing to RESPOND to the AWARENESS of your emotional experiences! 

Principle 3: Learn ways to Get Out of Your Own Way; SURRENDER.

Principle 4: Freeing Yourself from the bondage of experiences through the power of FORGIVENESS and SELF-COMPASSION.

Principle 5: Learn to detach from the need to know the how, what, where, who, why, and how long, while practicing to TRUST in the unknown and the wisdom of uncertainty. 

Principle 6: Start attracting more of what you truly want through GRATITUDE; THE ART OF APPRECIATION. 

Principle 7: Through ALLOWING the natural flow of things everything will be REVEALED and this is your chance to open up and RECEIVE! 

(BONUS): After completing, this is Where it All Comes Together. Here you will have an opportunity to connect with me in person if you choose to. My way of expressing my appreciation. This is NOT a coaching call or a sales ambush. This is a call where we will work on what is next for you. 


For an Unbeatable, once in a lifetime offer of $19.00!!!

This is not like other Self-Propelled Programs. I will be there with you all the way and beyond your process. This is about Family, The SoulWarrior Family.

My guarantee:

I have used and still do the resources I share in this program. They continue to have a positive impact on my life. If you follow the guidance and take daily action toward your desired outcome I guarantee you will experience healing, growth and transformation by the time you complete ALL the processes and IMPLEMENT ALL the principles in your experience. It is an ongoing, day-to-day commitment to something new and different and through subtle changes you will be able to manifest your desires.

All information posted is merely for educational and informational purposes. It is not intended as a substitute for professional or medical advice. Should you decide to act upon any information in this program, you do so at your own risk.

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