Where is my Truth?

Where do you look for your happiness?

I was typing up a workbook for my new online program when things took a different direction and ended up channeling a message. I realized my guides were talking to me about a current situation I am faced with, and wanted to make sure I am not the only one receives this message. So here it is.

How can we recognize a triggered experience or emotion as something to heal, when we keep looking outside of ourselves for blame to ease our own pain?  How can we know that we are just walking around as a bundle of old wounds when we see everything through conditionings and not our own truth? 

How can we recognize the opportunity for healing, growth and transformation when all we have ever known is to avoid feeling at all cost, because feelings and emotions are a sign of weakness, and acknowledging their existence makes us vulnerable and unsafe?

These are the questions so many asks while longing for answers to come from somewhere else. These are the stories we tell ourselves. That we are only as good as others say so, that we are only as lovable as our relationships prove. The stories about our value that depends on others’ approval. The stories that tells us to look everywhere but within, because the responsibility of our happiness and well-being falls on someone else. On their way of responding to all our efforts to look pretty, to sound smart, to be successful and enough for them to never leave us. The only problem with this thinking, with believing that all that we want is outside of ourselves, away from healing, growing and transforming what we already have, is that every time we give our power away to someone or something in the name of finding ourselves, when they are gone after serving their purpose, so is the hope we placed on them to help us find what has always been right there. 

We project our inner world out, hoping someone or something will receive the message and love us enough to take on the challenge to fix it. We wait to see if anyone or anything has the power to find our own happiness for us, not even realizing that power is within us. The power to break down the walls of our own prison, freeing ourselves from everything. The old stories, beliefs, conditionings. The lies we tell ourselves and believe in, identifying our truth within. 

Here is the reality as I have walked through this path. The truth and freedom we all long for and desire so deeply, is right where we keep avoiding to go. Through the darkness, the pain and sadness, through breaking down our own walls with love and kindness. 

Surrendering to this idea and just letting go of the old ways, is one of the biggest steps we can all take. This step only requires  one thing, a commitment to wanting something. Something new and different. Something that brings you joy just visoning it. Something you have been denying of yourself, any dream, vision, goal you have never allowed yourself to have. 

“The commitment to following through, doing the best you can in each moment, and keep letting go. One story, one belief, one tear at the time, the commitment to loving yourself a little more each moment. With that new found love I can promise you this; you will see things like you never have. You will see the same experiences in a brand new light, giving yourself the opportunity to see their gifts and truth with new eyes.

With this new LOVE you can find peace in silence or even in chaos. Experience yourself through this love is the key to your freedom, as everything as you knew it will be gone. It will strip you from the power of the fears you have become so accustomed to, from the claws of your worries that kept you breathless and paralyzed for so long. This new LOVE will make you see things you never knew possible; the total opposite of what you gave your power to. 

And when you recognize this new world within yourself, when you reach the point of no return, and feel the gratitude pouring through you without any effort, that is when the moment of truth will come in some form of shape, to truly test your faith. This is when something you have loved and cherished with everything you discovered about your truth will bring you an opportunity  you might not be able to refuse. The opportunity to turn back and with one choice build your prison walls back, this time taller than they were before. This is the time we ask you the most; HAVE FAITH NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE. 

Not in the thing or person you are faced with but in us. Have faith in the very LOVE that guided you this far. Have faith and one last time surrender it all to us, get out of the way, this time truly let go, as there is nothing for you to do. The only thing to be done is you staying true to your real truth in this LOVE, the one you know kept you safe and secure, and helped you see things before with new eyes. This is the LOVE you have to lean on again, and BELIEVE in more you have ever been. As this is the same LOVE that has you connected with us, and will show you the truth of all that is being revealed through us. The truth you do not see from where you are as your mind is on overdrive and oldness is testing you to run. 

Anger and fear, pain and hurt, it is still all there as a choice to use and wear, but there is another choice too, and that is to TRUST US, have faith in that LOVE and believe nothing is lost. 

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