It is all happening For us.


As I reflect on everything in my life, at this moment, I see the magic of the Spiritual guidance I have been surrounded by. This is nothing new, only that I have been too busy in the past focusing on what my life is lacking and beating myself up for things that did not work.

Today, while I face another unexpected universal assignment, I remembered the choices I have.

I can choose to turn against my truth and look for ways I am a victim in this, giving up all the possibilities for the truth to be revealed, which I have no clear view of as of yet. I can start finding fault in those involved and use their mistakes and past choices as an excuse to hurt, blame, punish and judge, with the hope to feel safe in the mids of the uncertainty.


I can remember my truth. Remember who I truly am as a Spiritual being, having a human experience, knowing that all involved are guided, regardless if they recognize that guidance or not. I can choose to BE LOVE, as I AM, and allow things to unfold as they are meant to. I can choose to remember that we are all on this journey together and what I cannot see is to be revealed in divine timing. I can choose to have Faith, today more than ever, and know that I am always being guided into the unknown with LOVE.
I can choose to be compassionate, understanding, and loving. I can choose to look for the light in each involved, and while allowing the natural flow of things to take place, I honor my own emotions and allow the gifts to be revealed to me underneath them all. I can choose to LOVE and HONOR myself and through that, LOVE and HONOR others right where they are on their journey, SURRENDERING all that is not my truth. I can choose to offer to hold space and my Presence as a gift and remember that I can CHOOSE again and again every moment.

I accept this moment and I honor my experience by committing to BE Love, to DO the best I can in each moment with what I have, and to HAVE the courage to CHOOSE again and again; My Truth, My Essence, My Freedom: Love!

Thank you for all involved and thank you God for the ever-present guidance and love.


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