How Does Your “Home” Feel?

When purging, organizing and letting go doesn’t always means just the old stuff in your closet.

“It is not how much we have, but of the joy we experience in what we have.”

Less is more!?

Freedom, Peace, Harmony and Joy are just a few of my emotional desires in this lifetime and through most of my adulthood I looked for these desires in stuff, relationships and more stuff!

At one point I had a 3 story house filled with “stuff”, most of it still in its original packaging, just “taking up space” and suffocating me as I looked at it. I had no idea that I was collecting things to try to fill a void of emotional desires and all I really did was making it worse.

One day, after losing a business, a relationship ending and had everything I owned shoved in a 20×20 storage unit, I realized that all that “stuff” represented my desperate effort of finding happiness, in “stuff”. To make things worse, now I was paying someone else to store the “things” that was supposed to help me feel happy, free, peaceful, loved, enough and worthy, in a 20 x 20 dusty concrete box, collecting dust, serving only one purpose; reminding me of my shortcomings, failures and the unmet desires I can only reach one way: by letting it all go!

So, I begun! Begun to let go. Begun to purge. Begun to release, not only the material things, but the pain, hurt, disappointments, empty promises, broken words, and started to heal my inner world as I organized, purged, let go of, and cleared out the space that no longer served me on my way to remembering who I truly Am.

That was the beginning of a new life many years ago. A new way of thinking and seeing things. A new way of responding to my desires and understanding that feeling happy, peaceful, free and joyful does not come from anything I have, but from within, from believing that I Am valuable, worthy, enough, loved and free.

Today I stepped into something uncertain guided by those experiences as I remembered that everything we go through have a greater purpose we are here to fulfill. To help others in their process. To share what we learned and offer guidance to others.

You see all the dissatisfaction, disappointment and discomfort I ever experienced, and still do today, were my guiding posts. They are all part of our guiding system to what we truly desire in life. A part of a big giant puzzle of amazingness that we cannot see fully while we stare at the pieces from a place of lack and holding onto the things, people, places, beliefs, stories and thoughts that does not serve us anymore. It is all a big, magical journey of uncertainty and everything we seek in the “stuff”, (moving it from home to home, box to box, storage to storage, relationship to relationship) can be found in the unknown in which we avoid to step into out of fear of losing control and losing ourselves, while in reality we already did, in all the “stuff” we gave our power away to.

Because it is familiar and gives us a false sense of safety why we have a hard time letting go, and that is exactly what our Ego mind, through fear, wants us to believe; safety and belonging comes from holding on and letting go makes us vulnerable, because uncertainty and the unknown is dangerous.

The only danger I found in trusting in the unknown was the recognition of all the unhealed space within myself and knowing that my Freedom, Joy, Peace and Happiness was buried under all that “stuff” I so blindly believed would be the source of all my true desires.

Purging, letting go and organizing does not mean giving up or turning our back on what once was. It just means that we see the gifts in them as we thank each “item” for serving a purpose, and with love we release them, cutting our own chains, setting ourselves free, keeping only the pieces that offers us the energy of joy and bring value into our lives, in alignment with our truth.

So look around your space, at home and within yourself, and ask yourself; does this bring me joy? If the answer is no than it is time to let go, clear out, heal, give away, purge. Not only your closet or garage filled with “stuff”, but your heart and mind filled with the old that only takes up space, causing you to believe what serves you no more, might one day (that old dress, the china you got from grandma, or that relationship that only takes, hoping one day will give back).

But what if that day never comes and all along its purpose was to be let go off, so that you can Find Your Freedom Within in its place?



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