Love as You Are

Journal entry Tuesday, May 21st.

“As I sit in silence -within myself- I know the noticing of the flow of love and imagination through my heart – there is no chatter in my head.

No loving thoughts are so little as you forgive and see the beauty in the choices of another that you experience as hurtful at first -through the filters of fear and old beliefs. – You look at something differently- it will show up differently.

Beauty is everything in everything.

Only the eyes of love can show you the truth behind every experience.

The eye of fear will only show you what keeps you near- the Ego.

Love gives you wings – Love gives you new eyesight.

Love gives you the guidance are looking for all along.

Love is nothing more or less – but You as You are.

Love sets you free and gives permission to others to be free.

Love invites and pulls in closer.

Love is the joy and fun in every smirk beneath the mischievous Act of playfulness.

Love gives spice to each moment.

Love gives life to each space of Darkness.

Love brings things into focus and clears things up.

Love is everything and everywhere.

Love is Right Here Right Now.

And love knows that letting go brings it all home, right in the heart.

And most importantly my child.

as everyone else’s in your own unique way.

Love is the reason you are here.
To show the world what love can do.

How love heals, uplifts, creates, and clears the path to higher ground.

Love brings abundance, opportunities, and all your needs to be met

As LOVE has created and always creating everything.

Love is God
Love is Good
God is Good
God is Love
Love is You
God is You

You are as God
One With God
One With Love”



Love is Still The Answer by Jason Mraz
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