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Have you ever ran into someone from your past and heard them talking about you with such a love and kindness, describing you in such a way you don’t see yourself as?

Or maybe reminiscing through old stuff just to find letters, cards or notes  you haven’t read in a long time, connecting with the words of loved ones and friends, acknowledging you for who you are and the difference you made in their lives?

In the past year or so, I have reconnected with so many amazing people and I found myself, on many occasions,  listening to them sharing their experiences of those times, as well as offering their gratitude and acknowledgment toward me.

I’m writing about this, not because of my need to have you or anyone believe in my good nature, but because we all have those moments when we are being celebrated, but oh so often we do not hear it because of the noise in our minds and the beliefs we have about ourselves.

We all make a difference, and there are many people who have so much gratitude toward us, but there is no way to hear their words, let alone receive them unless we have love, appreciation, kindness, acceptance and gratitude for ourselves.

This is about realizing that all the things we look for outside of us is already there, but no way we can see it, hear it, feel it and receive it from others until we are willing to turn our attention inward and do what needs to be done to clean up the mess we have been living with in our own heart and mind.

This is about taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture; the world within ourselves.

This is about honoring our truth and stop blaming others for not knowing who we are, when we never gave ourselves a chance to get to know ourselves in the first place.

This is about respecting ourselves by forgiving our thoughts, beliefs and fears we have used to stay small and safe.

This is about standing in front of the mirror and making eye contact with our own soul, instead worrying about why others not looking at us a certain way.

This is about getting out of our own way so we can see what is right in front of us.

This is about finding our own truth within our own world, in our heart and soul, while connecting to that invisible source we are part of.

This is about loving our truth without judgment and the need to fix, but with respect and a will to heal.

This is about kindness and grace in everything we have been through and realizing that we have never been alone.

This is about recognizing that invisible source within us we can lean into and by which we will never be judged, turned down, rejected, or made wrong, only embraced, held, loved and comforted to know that we are Perfectly Made Right Here, Right Now, as we are.

So next time someone thanks you and acknowledge you for your kindness, strength, love and presence, take a breath and turn within, as their words truly emanates your soul’s light, which you might not be able to see as you are trying to receive it through the crowded space of your mind.

And after that moment of recognition of what they are sharing is part of your truth, the real truth, give yourself the gift of love by looking deeper, because once you get a glimpse of that light, your soul will never let you forget.

Once you receive this gift of recognition your mind will play tricks on you, as your Ego does not want you to remember that pure light below the pain and hurt it shares with you. Your Ego loves you right where it can keep you; small, scared, angry, defensive and disconnected, while your light wants nothing more than watching you shine bright, connected and free.

The choice is always yours as this amazing source we are all part of gave us the power of true love. The power we all have is to use Free Will in every moment.  

The choice to follow the light, no matter how much darkness we have to walk through in order to heal, grow and find our own truth.

Or the choice to stay small and surrender to the fear and pain we have come to believe is the only way through life.  

When someone is telling us what we do not believe in us, know that they were sent as an instrument. The instrument of God, the Universe, the Divine love. No matter what we call it, just that we are willing to recognize it as a power greater than our own strength, wanting nothing from us, only everything for us.

This connection and no other is the one we should always look for. First within ourselves to clean up the mess we have been living with in our heart and mind, so we can be shining bright as our own true light.

Than and only then we can truly receive the love that surrounds us.

This portrait was done in 1995 by an amazing soul after someone took a picture of me. I have been dragging it with me from one relationship to another, from one home to another for over 20 years. Most of the time it was in the closet or in a box, but not on the wall. A few days ago while in a conversation about art I remembered it and felt a nudge to show it to my mentor . I remembered a note that was attached to the back and as I stood there listening to her reading it I realized how often we dismiss the messages of the Universe that comes through others in our lives. The messages and miracles that were meant for us to remember who we are; our truth.

Deeply grateful for every person in my life as each and every one of them brought a gift or two, wrapped a little different.

A Note from the Artist

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