Freedom (Channeled 5/1/2019)

(As an intuitive coach I receive messages all the time. Lately I have been receiving more and more through channeling. This article was partially channeled as well.)

Freedom. One of the highest vibrational emotions we as humans desire to experience in our lives. And yet we are so far away from knowing its true meaning.

What is freedom and how do we cultivate it without giving up on the things, people, and places we love and care about?

What does it mean to be free?

It was something I have desired for so long; Freedom.

Before I hit rock bottom in April 2018, for a year I found myself praying and asking for “my freedom”. I was in a relationship, working for a personal growth company, surrounded by great people, time to do whatever I wanted and still I felt trapped, lost, confused and most of all stuck and suffocated.

I had everything I ever wanted, so I thought so. Family, home, friends, job, etc. All the “stuff”!

Looking back on the past 15-16 years this was not the first time that I was surrounded by the things, people, and places I believed I wanted in my life, the things I thought I needed to be happy. It seems that I have been here before, just looked a little different.

Why would I long for freedom so much from the life I wanted? Why would I feel so heavy and resentful for the life I created when I wanted it in the first place?

Why did I create a life that I do not feel safe in, nor do I think I belong in?

Was I looking for my true desires in all the wrong places?

Today I know I was doing exactly that. I was looking for my desires in all the wrong places because I did not know what my desires truly meant in the first place.

I believed that freedom meant being alone, not have any responsibilities, have the ability to do what I want when I want to and how I want to without having to involve anyone. I believed that freedom meant giving up on everything; relationships, friends, things, places, and people.

I believed my freedom meant letting it all go and walking away from everything I have ever known.

Believing this was the main reason I never let go of things, why I resisted to let go of control, why I hung onto things, people and places out of fear of losing it all, and at the same time caused myself pain, dissatisfaction, and despair.

At the end I did let go of a lot, including the relationship and the job, which lead to other things, places and people clearing out of my life too, but now I know that it was my resistance to trusting and allowing things to unfold and be revealed to me that kept me in this space; lost, hurt, empty, lonely and frustrated.

So what is freedom now that I surrendered and allowed myself to let go of the need to control, punish, manipulate and stepped into the uncertainty of my life because in all honesty, I had no more energy to fight what was inevitable; healing and returning to my truth!

Now I see freedom in a different light. Freedom to me is love.

Yes, it is that simple. Love, not fear.

Freedom is healing.

Freedom is being present and holding space, without wanting to change the circumstances in order to control the outcome. Freedom is being in the Here and Now, as I look at people and things through the eyes of love, as I see them for the first time in my life without any attachment.

Freedom is loving the moment by loving the experience without knowing the outcome. Know that it is perfect the way it is and being curious while I allow it to unfold and seeing the gifts it has in store for everyone. Freedom is being detached from the who, where, when, how, for how long, why not, how come and when is it my turn? Freedom is peaceful, it is easy to notice and it is more than “freeing”.

It is safe and uplifting, inspiring and joyful. Freedom is always present, and so many times sacred while in others wide open and wild. Freedom is a state of being. It is a breath we take each moment and celebrating it as we remember that it is always a gift. Freedom is every hug and smile we give and the joy in receiving them without expecting anything in return. Freedom is loving from a depth of my soul as I never want anyone not knowing what that feels like.

Freedom is the sunset and sunrise, as it is ever present and ever revolving within. Freedom is listening and accepting the unknown, the being of the light and the voice when it is called for. Freedom is laughter and tears as they both have a purpose and it is not to be judged or minimized but to be embraced.

Freedom is everyone. It is in everyone and it is not something we earn or have to work for, but something we all have as part of this journey and the only thing is in the way is the fear of losing it, while not even really knowing it.

That is what freedom means to me in the Here and Now.

But how does one reach this freedom, the perception of this view? How does one go from the inner struggle to let go to freely allow everything to flow?

How do we make the transition, transform and heal the path?

It is unique to all of us as we are unique on our own path.

It is a unique experience with the principles we share, that each of you on this journey as a human being, can reach this as you manifest.

The desires you have deep within, the memories you have to see differently, and the thoughts you have about your being as you translate and transform everything.

It is a unique process for all of you, and still it is nothing different from those who came before you.

The opportunity is there for everyone, the question is only one: Do you want to know the truth, the truth behind all your struggles and dark nights of your souls?

Do you want to really know WHY you had to go through what you did, or those questions just a cry out in the moment of despair because you can’t seem to figure it out as you are in that need to know the why, when, who and so forth?

The choice is yours to let us in and allow the flow of the guidance that we are here to give. The choice is always there for each and every being, as you have the greatest power on Earth my human being; your FREE WILL is there to use or not, in any way to choose or not.

How funny as this power you have contains the very thing you seek everywhere; FREEdom is one that you desire and still you have a hard time seeing it right here as you have the POWER.

Oh, my child as you used to ask; why is this happening to me again.

The repetition of events is the result of not being present. It is the choice you make every chance you get. To avoid the lesson, the healing, the growth and the beauty which is in all that you already know. In your experiences, you are given everything and still, you look elsewhere to see who believes that you are deserving.

The lessons, the guidance, the answers you seek, is all right here right now in front of your being.

The being you are as you are so much of doing forgets the moment to see as it is from the present moment of just being; being one with the soul that is you, the moment of truth in your space as you let go and allow the truth.

The moment you see so fleeting and unfair has all the answers for your prayer.

The guidance, direction, and love are all in there and my dear child I am always here with you to show you just where.

I love the way you all love and still look for it somewhere else, as you believe, so many of you that it is outside of yourselves.

Freedom is through all that and everything you ask for, and remember it is not anywhere but right here and now as you surrender to see as blindfold. Trust that this makes sense at the end because you know what does not make logical sense is what comes from within not from your mind, but it is this human need to know the why.

Allow the light that shines within each tear, each smile, each hurt and even the screams that are loud. The light is not always as pretty as we want it to be, at first at times it has to break through the concrete, to crack the walls of all that has covered it, the dirt, the mess that is all underneath. As one of your most loved and wise being ones said; To clean the house you must find the dirt first.

Let this be the guidance to the next step, as there is much dirt to be cleaned and so much more love to experience.

So to answer the question about freedom: Forgive and set yourself free from all the screaming.

The screams of your old self, the pain, and the hurt. Not so much as others have done to you, but the ones you keep doing to hurt. The things you have punished yourselves for so many lifetimes. The thoughts you have about your heart and mind as you keep believing the lies. The stories you tell each day about your worth and lack thereof, and all the pain you have been causing yourself out of habit and deep rooted need for love.

Forgiveness and the words of self-compassion. Those are your tickets to freedom.

How you do that is so unique and simple, unless you choose to make it hard again, but why would you?

It is a simple step each moment each day, not gonna say it is always easy but simple in its step as you may see.

The fears you have about how and when, and so forth. I will take that off your shoulders if you let me help you move forth.

Trust that this process has been done before, and there is not one of you have to walk alone. It is the truth, so ancient and still here; We walk by your side and love you all day dear.

With love, light, grace and so much kindness. We are always with you, even in the darkness.

~Your guides, the light, love, and the Universe. It is not what you call us but what you believe it worth.

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