“You Will See It When You Believe It!” ~Wayne Dyer

A little contradictory to your beliefs? I can understand it. As a child I heard the complete opposite from my parents and other adults.

I remember telling my Mom about the things I wanted to do and her response being; I believe it when I see it.

Her dis-belief in many things trained her to rely on her physical senses to believe if something was for real, if someone was gonna keep their word, or if something was about to be part of her experience. Be it a promise to clean my room or anything else. It wasn’t about her not believing in me, but more about not having faith in the unknown.

She did not believe until there was physical evidence.

On the other hand Dad loved making promises and break his word when he felt like it. It happened all the time, to my recollection, when I would ask for something, like permission to go out with my friends and he would say yes attaching conditions to the agreement. A list of things I had to accomplish in return to be able to go. Many times, more than not, I would hold my end of the bargain just to find out I was not able to go and keep my word to people because Dad would change his mind in the last minute and the agreement we had. I remember asking him why when I did everything he asked of me, just to receive the answer “because I said so”. This ended up being one of the biggest issues with my Dad, as one day I just had enough being used and lied to and exploded on him.

As a child I never heard anyone talk about religion or spirituality in any shape of form. I knew about churches and celebrations, traditions and holidays, but never knew the spiritual/religious meaning behind them. It was not a topic growing up.

I remember one conversation about how my grandfather wanted my parents to have us baptized, but they, for whatever reason, decided against it.

So the combination of all these experiences should not be a surprise behind my lack of belief in other things but physical evidence!

As ironic it might sound, on top of all this, I ended up going to college to study a field that is built and relies on physical evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt! Yes, I have a 4 year degree in Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Haha, life is funny and full of so much synchronicities.

Now ask me what I do today! I dare you! I promise you it will shock you, unless you already looked me up or know me.

I am a Spiritual Activist, an intuitive coach, a psychic medium and a speaker, relying 90% of the time on an invisible energy of guidance to help others heal and transform their lives.

How on earth? Well let me tell you what I learned along the years of my personal growth journey and on this magical spiritual awakening experience.

Everything happens for a reason! Divinely timed and planned.

Here is what I believe and know deep inside, in the depths of my soul, that everything I experienced in my childhood, and as an adult, was a catalyst and groundwork for my true purpose, and as I continue to work on myself; mind, body, & spirit, I find more and more evidence (non-physical) of the perfection and awesomeness of what is possible through love, kindness, compassion and faith.

The more I allow myself to let go of the old paradigms, stories and beliefs I was gifted by others, the more I choose to forgive and accept my teachers for their choices, and the more I am willing to see each experience as a stepping stone to something greater and divinely planned.

With these choices the easier it is to see the true evidence of what is possible, as I am looking through the eyes of my soul with the guidance of my intuition, without the need to know the details,without the need to control the outcome, and without the need to be right about the limiting thoughts and beliefs I inherited on my journey back to my truth.

As I work on my connection with God, the Universe, my inner guidance, each day I journal a lot. Journaling is my favorite tool to record my conversations with God.

This is one of those conversations I had the other day and sharing it is part of my journey, as I believe it has the answers for many questions we all wonder about from time to time.

“Friday, April 19th, 2019 Day 88/90


Focusing on what is NOT there supports my DIS-belief in things, people, and God.

As long as I look for what I DO NOT SEE! I will always find proof of my dis-belief as I continue to attract the lack-there-of my desires!

How do you see what is not there?

How do you attract what is not Here and Now, and you want to have as part of your everyday life in each moment?


Believe as it is true and already happening!

When your eyes tells you otherwise?

When it is not only you who is involved and free will is a factor?

When you cannot control anything only your own thoughts?

When there is nothing you can do?

How do you believe in something so dear to your heart when your heart is protecting itself?

Is there a way to let go even more, to forget after you forgave- to not know what you had to forgive in the first place?

Is there a way to truly let go of what has you DIS-belief in the love, magic and the possibility of….?

Tell me God- is there a way to believe in something that is not there- something that has left a scar before – because I DID BELIEVE?

Is there?

If there is a way, I want to know.

If there is a way, I will learn and do whatever it takes.

Just show me if there is and I will know without having to see.

There is nothing to forget- only to look somewhere else.

The eye of the mind will only find what you look at- and if there is nothing that pleases the mind’s idea of what should be- Dis-belief of what you love, want, and desire is present. You bring this image into your heart- only the memories of hurt, pain, lies and so forth will project. NOT from your heart, but from your mind that plays trickery as it projects it through the heart- makes you “BELIEVE” its lack thereof (your desire).

Now turn things around.

Look not with the eyes of the body, but with the eyes of the soul- Deeper than the heart as your heart is the projector, the keeper of images of where it comes- true or false.

Look within- with the soul- in there you find what memories?

Memories of your desires as you projected them into the Universe after discovering your Dis-Likes.

It is what? What do you see in there?

Peace, Love, Kindness, Honesty, Respect, Connection, Freedom, Passion, Romance, Fun, Presence, Patience, Harmony

Allowing your eyes to be closed and only see what you already created within – through the eyes of  the soul- allows room for not to forget and hold true of what you do not desire, but to hold space and true of what you hold inside of your real life-

Project these things into and through your heart as the world is as you see it through your heart’s movie screen.

So which movie would you rather see?

The one directed, and acted out by your mind using your eyes, fears and old wounds?

Or the one played out, directed and Allowed to unfold the story of you never known before, a movie you have never seen before. A movie so fresh and new, the only one thing you can do- is to be Here and Now- look within and turn your soul’s projector on as the lense is made of nothing but love, connection, fun, presence, passion, romance and honesty- You are the one making the choices- to keep using an old, outdated, flawed system, expecting a new story to play through it.

Or upgrade and know you have only one thing to do:

BE-LIEVE through the eye of your soul as the new story unfolds in front of your eyes.”

Love and Light


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