Everything Comes to Full Circle

I am shaking as I post this..
I was called to journal, but I believe my guides just wanted access to my computer earlier:


Everything comes to full circle!

Realizing that a year ago this coming weekend I went through a huge transition I am in awe to see and understand the magnificence of the Universal love and power when we choose to surrender and give our power to something greater than ourselves, instead of everything and everyone outside of ourselves.

That is what happened a year ago, coming up this weekend.

Why is it so significant?
Because as I am getting ready to speak on a panel at the first Health and Wellness Fair for the Holistic Chamber of Commerce this Saturday memories of the past year has been flashed into my mind as I sat and meditated this morning.

Filled with nothing but Grace through the Art of appreciation I have been surrendering to, knowing that I have been blessed with the most profound and magnificent love I have ever known, and the knowing that my life is JUST begun…and there is so much more to come as I am in the Here and NOW embracing the magic and more magic flowing into my space..

But no, I don’t say it was simple or easy because the journey that got me here has been the most difficult, painful at times, and at the same time it has been the greatest gift of letting go so much…,allowing in so much more in it space…and the healing …the healing I have been a part of….the healing that has been the part of me…is the incredible story I am so invited and driven to share with the world, as NOW I KNOW THAT MY PURPOSE IS TO ALLOW THE SPACE, TO HOLD THE SPACE AND THE SENSE OF SAFETY FOR YOU AND OTHERS SO YOU CAN OPEN UP AND TELL YOUR STORY AS IT IS THE GREATEST GIFT YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED IN THIS LIFE…

But first you MUST COMMIT TO DO THE WORK THAT IS IN FRONT OF YOU AS THERE ARE LAYERS AND LAYERS OF old beliefs, thoughts, and stories are ready to be released and cleared out.

IT IS A MUST to the way to your truth just like it has been to mine…I am so excited to announce and say it out loud and proud I HAVE DONE IT!!!!

I am HOME>>> !!!!!!!!!!

Within myself, in the truest LOVE and GRACE///////I AM HOME AND I AM FREE!!!

I had to do one thing to start this journey and that is what I remembered this morning

A year ago I had to SURRENDER!!!!!!

The story is incredible as I think back and now I KNOW WHY IT ALL HAPPENED FOR ME!!!
I am filled with nothing but love, gratitude and honor to be able to stand here in front of you today and with the most humble heart offer you the sacred space, the sense of safety and belonging to be able to start your journey …as I stand by you…so you will never have to feel alone again…

Because My love…I got your back!!!!

April 7th 2018..I hit rock bottom..
Emotional, mental, physical rock bottom..
I gave it all away for the sake of being loved, wanted, accepted and more, just to find myself empty, alone and broken… in so many ways…

This is the message I felt pouring through me while I journaled and allowed to BE:

“That day when you heard us was the day you reborn…the day of your cocooning…as today is your day to turn into something so magnificent and magical the world will not be able to have enough of.
One thing you must remember: HONOR YOUR ENERGY.
RESPECT YOUR INNER PEACE AND LOVE. as there will be some who wants to put your light out of their own pain and fear…but NOW YOU KNOW WE GOT YOUR BACK………..

My dear love. My child.

Humble and loved filled to see you here..as I continue to poor love and light your way…into the depths of your soul as we are one…connected through love and into interenty…..

YOU ARE A OK>>>girl!!!

NOW GO AND just be…
Love you my child, as always Your Father…God…you know I am winking at you love.

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