Trust?! 🤔

I’m staring at the computer screen as I’m waiting for an idea, that inspiration to show up about this topic. As I’m wondering what to write the events of the past week are coming back into my memory. TRUST is the only guidance I got at the beginning of the week and I just knew it will be an interesting week.

What is there to trust? Is there someone or something I get to experience trust issues with? Should I be careful about something? These are some of the questions I had going through my mind when I realized, once again, that this week’s assignment has nothing to do with the outside world but that of a TRUST I have for that guidance I have been reaching out to for a quite a while now.

It has nothing to do with trusting someone else to keep their word, to show up a certain way or to do something I might have or had expectations for, because honestly, saying that I don’t trust someone really means that I had expectations towards them to be or do something…but that is a different book topic.

Here, I’m talking about trusting that divine guidance that has been showing me over and over again how magical life is when we listen and follow it instead of trying to make shit happen relying on our own strength.

It is funny to be given this assignment as my whole week has been a series of shifts and uncertainty, and every time I tried to make sense of things in a logical way I just kept hearing this one word; TRUST.

I had things planned and I was ready to follow through just to find myself facing cancellations, unexpected events coming up, feeling tired and having some emotional triggers to show up, and really not knowing what is next, only to know that I am in good hands!

These are the moments when I know that the work I have been doing on myself is so worth it. Reaching this level of certainty is probably the most amazing miracle so far. Not that I know what the outcome of all my hard work will look like, or when I will have what I want, but the certainty, that deep knowing that I am on the right path and every little thing I have done is getting me closer to something new and amazing. The first time I feel that Freedom I have been dreaming about all my life, and it is nothing like I imagined. It is not freedom from other people or financial debt, it is not any freedom that is measurable in the materialistic world. It is Emotional Freedom!

The freedom to know that no matter what I face, what life throws at me, or what challenge I might run into on my way to manifesting my desires I will always have this amazing divine energy guiding me through it all. Knowing that I can always TRUST its presence and power, and I am never alone, no matter what. The only thing I have left to do is take care of my own well being; mentally, physically, emotionally and most importantly spiritually and I will always have the opportunity to lean on this energy; the Universe, God, my guides, love, the light and trusting its guidance is the only thing I will ever have to do.

I did not follow through this week with my way of having things done as the Universe had other ideas, and still, things got done, on their own divine timing and in their own divine way. Nothing is lost, nothing is missed. Everything got handled and things moved forward even better than I imagined through my logical thinking and planning.

This does not mean that we all just should stop making plans and setting goals. It just means that once we set the intention to create our desires and focus on connecting to this amazing Universal energy we can stop worrying about the how, the when, the who and the where, and just lean into the love that comes with this connection and listen to the guidance…than take inspired action.

This is simple and easy. This is fun and exciting. Watching the synchronicities unfold and witnessing the connection between the uncertainties as they form a beautiful picture of a puzzle that we, using our own strength and trying to make things happen, would never experience.

Taking that turn on the way to an appointment just because you felt a nudge, even if it doesn’t make sense just to find out later you avoided an accident, is trusting that guidance. Calling someone just because you got this thought about it in your head out of nowhere but have no idea why is trusting that guidance. Making a stop at a store, a cafe or any place you would not go normally, but something pulled you in there is trusting that guidance. This is the TRUST we don’t practice, the trust that truly leads to magic and miracles.

Think about the most amazing things in your life. Did you plan it all out or you just knew there was something for you to do, somewhere for you to go, someone to talk to and something to say you would have never done on your own!!! That is you TRUSTING in the divine guidance without judgment, questioning or explanation and truly being in the Here and Now, taking inspired action.. That is you allowing the magic into your life, through love!

So I encourage you to play and have fun. To ask for help and listen to the signs, that inner voice and follow it. Don’t question it! Just follow it and receive the miracles you are so ready to have and deserve.

Love and Light


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