#15 What makes you Compassionately Angry?

What makes you compassionately angry?

Me is watching people as they make choices from an old paradigm, from an old belief system, that no longer serves them, because they actually believe that they are limited in some way.

What makes me compassionately angry is someone NOT believing in themselves and living their life small, unseen, insecure and in fear!

So as I come close to the end of this year I am creating clarity on my vision for the New Year, and as I count my blessings I promise to BELIEVE in you on the days you might fall short doing so for yourself. I promise to continue to share my lessons and to do whatever it takes to inspire as many people as possible to Unlearn their Crap and to (Re)discover their truth.

Thank you for always watching and for those of you who share.
Thank you for being here and for always giving yourself the time to reflect and grow.

This world needs people like you and I am so grateful that you are continuing to choose courage action especially when you don’t Believe it is worth it!

Believe my friend!!!

Love you


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