#12 How to find Inner peace and give a gift from the deepest part of your being.

Have you ever found yourself asking for something just to receive the opposite. Like when you asks for patience, and find yourself stuck somewhere, feeling frustrated and rushing!

Did you know that whatever you ask for, an emotional experience, like patience, the Universe, God, your Creator, will offer you an experience where you have the opportunity to practice and master just what you asked for from within?

Yepp, there is this awesome place we can find everything we are looking for: WITHIN!

This is exactly the experience I was blessed with as I found myself in the most crowded market as I asked for some Peace and Quite, but most of all Peace!!!

It doesn’t stop there! You see once you reach that beautiful place inside you have so much joy that not giving is impossible! That is when giving and being in service is so amazing and fulfilling.

That is what the second video shares about, because once I reached that place within me I had one of the most heartwarming experience.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

Love you right where you are and remember that everything you are looking for is right there with you, just look within.

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