#11 Fulfillment!!!


What is fulfillment means to you? To me it means to fill my own Cup fully before I attend to anyone else.

I used to look for fulfillment outside of myself by meeting other people’s needs first and waiting for them to meet mine in return. So many heartaches and resentment.

Video 1
Video 2

It’s so much more fun to be there for people when my cup is full and I know I have plenty to give from and keep plenty for myself at the same time. This leads to Closer relationships and so much more joy being connected to others, because I am not looking for them to meet my needs.

So stop and think before you say yes to anyone and check in with yourself making sure that you’re saying yes to yourself first. I promise you you will have an opportunity to be there for them too, but this way it will be so much more joyful and so much more fulfilling!!

Fill Your Cup so you have plenty to share with the world.

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