My Daily Driveway Diary DAY #1

Hello there!

I always wondered what I could do with those Aha moments that just comes out of nowhere , so I can remember them later and share it with my friends. I remember so many times having a piffany, having an awareness and thinking; “oh my God that was so profound, that was so awesome”, but when thinking back I just couldn’t remember it to its fullest powerful extend like in that moment of realization.

As always my guides have their unique way to help me out in every situation, so one day I found myself sitting at the end of my driveway as I was leaving my house, grabbing my  phone and started to record the lesson of the day.

The next day it happened again. So I posted them on Facebook where one of my dear friend just ended up naming my videos as the Daily Driveway Diary. It sounded so catchy, so I kept it!

I found myself looking at some of these messages on my days when things doesn’t go exactly as I would like it, on days when I just feel a little less hopeful that I would like to, and when I  seem to forget why I’m here.

I realized that those days are the ones that I need to remember the most. Those are the days when I need to be reminded that everything is okay, that I am on the right  path and to just keep moving forward. So those are the days when I look back and listen to some of the videos just so I can remind myself that I already busted through many obstacles and that it’s okay to have days when I just need a little more encouragement than others.

If you find anything that supports you in your life please take it, use it, and share it. If you find anything that could help a friend, please share it with them. And if you have a lesson  you learned and feel like it could make an impact in someone’s life please share. Make your own videos, Write your own post and I’ll be so excited to share the space with you so that you can share your amazingness with the world.

Thursday, December 6th 2018
Driveway Messages #1

Do you identify any behaviors you might have inherited from other generations?
Are you ready to be an interruption?

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