I received a link, which I usually ignore, from a friend on FB messenger and  I just had this urge to look at it. The first words took me right out of the moment and pushed me to open the link and read. She sent me a link to a poem called I AM A “TOO MUCH” WOMAN by Ev’Yan Whitney. Just the title of itself speaks volumes…..now read the poem…OMG….I just got the last push I have been seeking and searching for to BE my own forgotten “TOO MUCH” woman!!!


No I was not forgotten by others….but forgotten by my own self…WHY would I do that you might ask…and if you are asking than maybe this is not for you….but keep reading, because you might know someone who needs to be here…DSC08948.jpg


“Here I am. . . the Too Much Woman, with my too-tender heart and my too-much emotions.


How many times have I heard that I need to scale it down and watch out because I intimidate people? That I am “too much” and I need to take it somewhere else, or that I am too emotional? Or how about when I am excited and start to share my wins and excitement just to be told that it is too much and there is NO SPACE for my energy!!!

How many times have I chose to walk on eggshells because I didn’t want to be “TOO MUCH” and be told to go away, so I stayed quite and made sure I am NOT SEEN or HEARD!!!

How long did I made the comfort of others a priority over my own desire to be heard, seen and be MY TRUE SELF: full of life, energy, ideas and creativity????

How many years did I spent making sure I didn’t intimidate others with my outgoing loud opinion on the things that makes me passionately angry?

How long did I stay quiet and invisible because some people in my path felt intimidated, scared of the power and energy behind this face and voice????


How many times did I listen to the screams of my intuition,which I silenced so others can feel safe in their darkness and fears?

How many relationships did I allow myself to choose out of the safety of smallness and the desires to just BE loved, wanted and appreciated…while I was NOT…because I can I be??? How can the world appreciate, love and want something they have not heard nor seen in so long?

How can I sit back and be frustrated from not being heard and seen when I STOPPED stepping out there BEING MY OWN TOO MUCH AMAZINGLY POWERFUL, fun loving, creatively loud and inspirational self????

How do I sit an wait for life to unfold in my favor when I was unwilling to UNFOLD myself in the favor of this WORLD?
How long have I listened to all the insecurities of others and allowed their voice and opinion to shut me up and make me shrink into almost nothing????



IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG and for that I am so SORRY world, because I know what I can create when you hear my voice. When I allow my energy to take up space and make space itself expand. When I dance and sing for no reason, and laugh because I love the feeling of belly laughs. When I let it go and let it be and just go with the divine flow as I watch the unprecedented future unfold right before my eyes, because I know that taking up space is not intimidating, it is not annoying nor TOO MUCH. Taking up space is powerful and inspiring to those who are pulled by energy of the freedom and genuine love that it comes with. It is loud and emotional. It is beautiful and messy, and it bring out the best of the best in people…because taking up space is healing, transformational and just OUR DIVINE PURPOSE!!!



So if any time someone told you that you are TOO MUCH!! YES you are and rock on!!



Be full of energy and emotions.

Be light and love for those who are running on empty.

Be the sensual, love giving and receiving amazing being that your are and remember that you are never TOO MUCH for this world…..because this world needs people like you and I .

This world needs to see and hear us as we move mountains and cross rivers.

As we celebrate each others’ wins and as we lift eachother up after the downfall of being that TOO MUCH woman or man….

This world need us to BE TOO MUCH: to love like crazy, to laugh out loud, to dance to music not playing and to respect OUR INNER AND OUTER POWER OF BEING TOO MUCH!!!!


I have spent years pleasing people’s need to be safe in their darkness by dumbing down my TOO MUCHNESS…and that is no more…not ever…

I found my voice and I am here to help you do the same.

To turn your frustration into your inspiration

To help you be seen and heard again

To feel safe with yourself and your higher power.

To feel a sense of BELONGING in your POWER

To love and celebrate that voice you have been keeping quite and under wraps.

To step out and find your purpose and gifts, to step into your truth…your beautifully TOO MUCH self!!!



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