For You


Where do you go when there is nowhere else to turn?

Where do you look when every light burned?

Who do you reach to when they all so far away?

When do you stop and ask yourself to stay?

It’s all been just a dream and I know it scared you.

It’s time to take the chance and live just like you dare to.

Live and learn along the way

Take my hand, I show the day.

The day when nothing is real, only your own light

So take the chance and light up the whole sky.

There are others who are afraid

Just like you and I, but there is no time to waste.

Life is urgent,

no way we can wait

If not now, when?

That is what I say

Your dreams and goals are waiting to become true

If it’s to be It’s up to Me and You

We can make it all to be real

All you have to do is take a leap of faith

Faith that lies within your soul

Give yourself everything you deserve and more

I’m here to guide you and show that you can

All it will take for you is to give yourself a chance.

Chance for a life, which no one else can live

The only thing we all can and will create

You are in control of everything you want

That is all my dear friend, love yourself enough.


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