Let’s Set This World On Fire

30012-10My EGO believes that man supposed to be:


  • Out of integrity

  • Unsupportive
  • Abusive
  • Unavailable
  • Disconnected
  • Self-absorbed
  • Shut down
  • Unsafe
  • Withdrawn
  • Uncommitted
  • Distant
  • Fake

This list is which I lived by for most of my life…..until just NOW!


People come into our lives to show us the way to our true selves.

It is a process of pulling back each layer of the onion one relationship at the time, be it romantic, friend, business or even family.

We must listen to the signs that are placed in our path in order to reach our highest self and to be able to manifest the divine plan we all have made before coming here.

I believe that every person we come in contact with are part of that divine plan and we all play a very important part in each other’s lives, be it a healthy or not so healthy experience.

I had to identify the items on my EGO’s list in order to let it all go and create something new and beautiful with my soul, which is in alignment with my divine plan. I know it is because I just “know it”. This knowing comes from a place of inner peace and self-love which can only be reached when we choose to surrender and allow ourselves to receive what is brought into our lives without us planning and controlling.

Each and every relationship that led me here was divinely orchestrated and served its purpose in order for me to arrive at this moment in my life. This moment when I feel the deepest, most unconditional love I believe possible. This moment when I see nothing but beauty in everyone around me, even those who helped me experience pain, suffering, abandonment, lack of integrity, and so much more.

This moment where I feel the energy of the divine rush through me as I take it all in and allow the rest of my life to unfold, this is the moment I know everyone is looking for!!!

It is available to us all and there is nothing that can stop it from happening, only you can slow the process from that moment from arriving by resisting, trying to control the outcome of every relationship, trying to fix the people you say you love and giving your power away to your EGO’s definition of others and how they supposed to show up.

It is not in the eye of the beholder!!! It is in the eye of the soul, which sees nothing more than love and pure being when looks into another one.

It is not what society tells you it should be, but what your soul plan already decided  long ago.

It is not up to your parents, teachers or friends, but only to your own true being to allow what is meant to be and let the rest fall apart and to the side as you walk toward your light, with each step, each relationship and each level of love you feel.

It is your divine responsibility to discover the real you, the true you and the pure you, who shines like a star and brings guidance to those who walk their own path in their darkness.

It is our divine responsibility to show each other the way, to guide one another and to be each other’s protagonist on this journey called life!

It is my divine responsibility to love myself to the fullest, to let my light shine and to provide guidance to those around me along their journey to their own authentic, beautiful soul-self.

It is my divine responsibility to be true to myself and to receive the pure love and nourishment this new found love is bringing into my life!

If it is to be, it is up to me to be ME!!!!!

I love you beyond words, from the deepest part of my soul, where no pain or EGO can touch me!

Thank you for allowing yourself to go through all that led you here.

I did not see you coming, but I am filled with gratitude that you arrived.

Thank you for making my EGO wrong and allowing my soul to see the truth!


I’m unwilling to dim down my own light just so you can feel safe in your own darkness. What I’m willing to do is show you the way to your light so we can shine together.” ~Eszti


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