When you get out of your own way

6b006504b36b8df26a776ddaa85e14b6Where are the good old days when we just played and enjoyed life? The days when nothing was impossible and everything was an adventure. Those days, when we were 2-3 years old and we could care about nothing but BEING!!!

The day we started to learn the things that were surrounding us was the day we started to get in our own ways and started to make up so much junk about ourselves, which was never true in the first place!!

When Mom decided to hide her emotions and pretended life was so smooth….but in reality she was suffering inside from feeling unwanted and not enough.

When Dad made promises but in reality he was just trying to please you and never follow through, because at that moment his priority was to look good and his fears of failing as a father never allowed him to see that.

How about when a schoolmate called you names and put you down for being different, and no one was there to stand up for you, or when your best friends even turned their back on you in the moment you needed them the most.

Today I met with a friend, someone I knew nothing about, but knew enough to call him a friend. This meeting could have not take place last week, or 4 years ago the way it did today, because we were not in the space or level of enlightenment as we are today.

We came together for a reason and created so much more, just by BEING and CONNECTING on a level neither one of us could have done it before. WHY NOT you might ask.

Because before today we were both living in the space of fear, conditionality, judgment and EGO we have created from the experiences we lived through as a child. Until now we both were on the path of healing, discovery and recovery of that 2 year old we have left behind when we decided to conform ourselves to society’s norms as they were taught to us by our parents, friends, and anyone we came in contact with.

All the time we lived in the illusion of not being enough, being unlovable, being an inconvenience for others, and seeing things through the eye of competition and pain, we were holding ourselves back from experiencing the possibility of true authentic connection with another human being.

It is not bad or good! It is just what it is!

It is part of life in order to be able to strive for something new and different. Being dissatisfied and in pain does not mean that one is broken or doomed. It just means that there is somewhere else to go. It means that if we want to attract people on a higher frequency we must get there ourselves. It can happen to all of us.

The question is; when are you willing to get out of your own way???

The moment you ask yourself; is there more to this life than just what is? you are ready to take a new direction and with that you will be attracting things you were not able to before.

The moment I decided that I wanted something (everything) different in my life, things were flowing my way on a high speed and at times scared me. Our EGO will not go away for good, and it should not. We are spiritual beings having a human experience and this experience would not be possible without our EGO.

EGO helps us experience the things we do not want and does not serve us. EGO is a protector when we are in a dangerous situation and feel threatened. EGO is  guide for what we want and what we do not want. Without it we would not be able to compare ourselves acting out of anger to our true self coming from love. This comparison gives us a sense of who we really are and how we might want to live our lives as a true authentic being, coming from love, compassion, connection and joy!!!

So as I sit here enjoying the last of my tea and reflect back on my new found friend, I am filled with gratitude and passion for all that has been and all that is unfolding from this space of love and self-truth-living-joyful-life!!!

Thank you for your journey of pain and healing, and for the light you brought into today’s adventure.

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