What is stopping you from achieving your desires?

Have you ever felt like you can take over the whole world, like you were on fire and everything was just falling into place…..until one moment a sheer panic took over your being and you just wanted to throw it all away and go back to your old ways?

Wondering what just happened?

I just recently experienced this and I have to be honest, it scared me half to death. I have been so excited about all the great, new things coming into my life that I did not see any doubt or worry sneaking up on me, until I felt this tightness in my stomach and just wanted to run back to my little hole called my comfort zone.

Instead of climbing back in the box of familiar, comfortable and settling for something less than I deserve I decided to call someone I knew I can count on. These dreams I am going after are bigger than ever before. They scare me and excite me at the same time. There is no room for settling in my life anymore, so I only had one choice….keep moving forward and use every tool available to get past this anxiety.

This is when I learned about THE TERROR BARRIER!!!!

Instead of trying to explain what is so well described already by Bob Proctor I am just passing the gift on to you, like I was given to me just 24 hours ago.

Enjoy and get ready to shift your life around!!!

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