Somewhere in the middle of my journey.

“Where have you been?”

Longing for the feeling of peace and the idea of what my life should be like.

Loving the peace that comes with the light.

Allowing others to differ me from my path.

And letting my love for peace lovingly follow the felt of the mind.

Kept me from seeing the beauty of my own being for long now.

I need to find my way back to God now.

I need to find the way to turn it all around and to let the flow of light show me the way to where I am supposed to arrive.

Miss my dear friends on the other side. Their love and light that helps me see my own light.

I miss the way it feels to glide in and out of consciousness.

I miss the way it feels when I let my guard down and the light come in from the darkness.

I miss the way the feeling goes in and out of my heart and mind, and when I know the difference about the finding and knowing my loving heart.

I left behind so much to arrive here and now. I am ready to be loved and show up the best way I know how!”



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