The Journey BACK to YOU!

A one of a kind Coaching Program designed specifically to help you identify your deepest desires, what is holding you back from reaching them and to help you take daily action to move forward in every area of your life!


The Journey BACK to YOU!

More than a Coaching Program, a Life Altering Experience!

A 3 months long, One-On-One coaching program designed for the sophisticated, fun loving, open minded, freedom seeker who found themselves stuck, dissatisfied and ready to get out of their own way!


  • How would you feel knowing that any of the choices you made in the past were paving your beautiful future?
  • Imagine as you let go the shame and guilt over past mistakes, as you find joy in the things you are called to do each day, and finding yourself excited about the new and uncertain things in life.
  • Imagine as you wake up in the morning excited and curious about what the day brings, and looking forward to tackling each challenge in front of you.
  • Feel the deep meaningful connections and the belly laughs as you spend time with friends and family.
  • Be wondrous about the new adventures you find, as you are breaking out of your shell taking up space in your own true skin, allowing the world to hear and see you, while feeling that butterfly nervousness in your heart, just like your inner child has been calling you to do for so long.
  • Imagine feeling excited, loved and celebrated as you live your life and do what brings you alive each day for the rest of  your life.

“The Journey BACK to YOU” is your calling to take action on living the life you LOVE to LIVE with my guidance and support along the way!!!

Here’s what’s included in your 3 months coaching/ transformation program:

  • 60 minutes one-on-one (re)discovery session where we address your current situation, your desired outcome and the most fitting and effective path to transform your life.
  • The book by my mentor and #1 best selling author Tina Crumpacker  “The Journey To YOU “More than a book, an Experience!” which you will use each week in parallel with your One-on-One sessions.
  • Weekly, specially designed challenges that will support you in getting out of your own way by stretching, trying new things, and allowing the experience to support you in healing and busting through your old belief system.
  • Opportunities to stretch, take up space,  experience fun and excitement as well as reconnect with your inner child and his or her forgotten desires.
  • Guidance to try new things, meet new people, expand your horizon in any way you choose and feel joyful about, to bring new energy and light into your life.
  • Your 3 months experience is designed specifically for you, targeting your desired outcomes and the transformation experience you are looking for: remembering who you truly are, feeling confident and excited about new adventures, learning the beauty and gifts of receiving, embracing being seen and heard, and remembering what it’s like to have a belly ache from the most genuine laughter in your life.  
  • Weekly 60 minutes accountability calls with me to check in, share your wins and troubleshoot your challenges as they present themselves.
  • Links and downloads along the way, uniquely picked out just for you based on your progress to support your experience in all areas of your life.

Why I created this program?

I created The Journey BACK to YOU, because after years of taking care of everyone else and creating what I thought life was all about, I found myself dissatisfied and stuck, realizing that I haven’t lived yet in the way I have been desiring for a long time: I have not made space for myself to have fun along the way. I stopped having fun as soon as I started having roles, as a friend, a partner, a coach, a stepmother, and so on.

My desire to figure out how to have it all (living to the fullest, being there for others, taking care of myself and be OK with it, have fun and wake up filled with joy and excitement, celebrate my wins and others’, experience life from a place of adventure, and make a difference in the world) led me to see and understand that I wasn’t alone feeling alone in this and wanting more is just part of this amazing human process. 

I wanted to create a program where you can feel safe and inspired to find the support and encouragement you deserve. Where you can try new things and stay true to yourself, and have fun doing it. Where you can heal, grow and embrace the life you desire to live while taking up space! Where you can make your way BACK to YOU!

Why you should choose me as your coach and “The Journey BACK to YOU”?

  • With me you have a safe place to work on you and you only. Where you have my undivided attention and each process and task you venture into is designed and altered specifically for you. No two people have the same experience!
  • The Journey BACK to YOU is unique in many other ways but the most important uniqueness is YOU!! Your willingness to open up and let things go, as you learn to receive and heal any unresolved pain and disappointment. You are the most unique element of this program as you design your own processes through me with the help of your inner guidance and willingness to MAKE YOU IMPORTANT!!!
  • In order to make this a unique experience and for you to have my undivided attention I choose to work with only a handful of new clients each month. This makes it not only possible to bring you my best form for you each week, but it also allows me to expend myself so I can bring more to the table for your transformation!

I bring 15 years of professional and even more life experience to guide you and design your unique sessions working with your Here and Now, as you move to your unique personal desired outcome!

What others are saying:

Her loving and caring compassion towards others makes her such a strong and passionate coach. Her coaching has helped me to be more of myself with everyone around me. The benefit that I receive from doing that could be compared to freedom a caged bird might feel once it has room to spread its wings.” ~Juan R. 

The most important issue she helped me with is my need to hoard, that I was isolating myself against the pain I was feeling. I was able to start unloading and relinquishing the need for isolating. I’m feeling freer every time I get rid of things.”~Deb D. 

  • Imagine as you listen to your intuition and follow its guidance all the time, knowing that you are on the right path even with uncertainty surrounding you.
  • Think about waking up in the morning excited and looking forward to your day, because you took charge of your own happiness, which allows you to experience even the downs with curiosity and ownership.
  • Imagine as you listen to your intuition and follow its guidance all the time, knowing that you are on the right path even with uncertainty surrounding you.
  • Think about waking up in the morning excited and looking forward to your day, because you took charge of your own happiness, which allows you to experience even the downs with curiosity and ownership.
  • Imagine taking action in the name of TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF before anyone else and the impact you are making because of your courage to take a leap of faith and reach out for support.
  • Imagine what it’s like to have fun, feel confident and inspired, connect with genuine loving people, have a support system and never apologizing for your greatness ever again!
  • Feel and see as you are celebrated and uplifted, not because of all that you do, but simply because of who you truly are! Imagine as you feel the love and appreciation of the world around you for your own unique gifts and believing that you are simply irresistible, wanted and worthy of living the life you love to live.
  • Imagine taking the next step into embracing your life’s messiness and enjoying every step BACK to YOU: Your Original Uniqueness!

Now I want you to think about doing nothing and see yourself waking up 2 years later wondering when things might change, feeling hopeless and empty, from giving it all away and nothing to yourself.

  • Imagine doing nothing, but staying with the same old same old, wondering when it will be your turn to have a good laugh and enjoy life your way!
  • Imagine watching the days go by continuing to seek and search for answers but never taking action.
  • There is no tomorrow that promised to any of us and the regrets and resentment of NOT investing in YOUR DESIRES only cost you everything you say you want!!!
  • Not investing in  your own life will only cost you the joy, adventure, celebration, fun and connection you are putting on the back burner

You have a choice; YOU will either arrive at your last day of this journey, called life, filled with regrets and resentment thinking of all the ‘should haves’ or ‘could haves’ OR YOU will arrive to your moment of transition with a smile on your face, feeling a little beat up and bruised from the ride, with strawberry in one hand and champagne in the other, yelling: WHAT A RIDE THIS WAS!!!  

I promise you there is no better day than today to give yourself a gift of transformation and take a leap of faith into the uncertainty of your amazing life filled with excitement, fun, laughter, growth and love!!!

I have walked a few miles in your shoes and I know the anticipation, excitement and fear creeping up all together as you make a choice.

After taking the next step and signing up I guarantee you will never see fear and doubt a same way. I promise to love and serve you with compassion and kindness, to stand for you and always be the voice of reason even in the most unreasonable situation. To light the way until you learn to love and light your own path to your desires.

What happens next?

After clicking the “Click HERE to APPLY NOW!” button you will be asked to sign up for our email listing and answer a few questions. The very last question contains the link to our booking site where you can pick the date and time to schedule your Complimentary (Re)discovery Session.

I will follow up with you to confirm our call in which we will spend some time (re)discovering your desires and dreams, what are some of the things that are in your way to accomplishing them and to see if we are a right match.

Very simple, right?


  • You have the drive and desire to change and do the work.
  • You are willing to stretch and try new things.
  • You are willing to take ownership of your experience and look for all the gifts and lessons, specially in the messy part of things.
  • You are ready to invest in your NEW LIFE and do whatever it takes to follow through.
  • You had enough of just surviving and ready to live the life you love to live.
  • You are ready to remember and heal what’s holding you back and embrace the journey of uncertainty and transformation.


  • You are looking to blame others for your experience and life.
  • You are looking for someone who will let you wallow in your circumstances.
  • You are just looking for some more insight but not ready to take action.
  • You are looking for someone else to make things happen for you.
  • You are trying to stay comfortable while expecting results.

This is what others had to share about their experience:

“Eszter is truly an inspiration. She is the real thing. Some people do this for the money or notoriety, but she wants people to live their best life possible.” ~Lea O.

“One of the most important things she helped me with is letting go of relationships that were toxic and helped me recognize that I can’t change people unless they want to make a change first. The only person I can change or take care of is myself.” ~Java B.

My final message to you:

Life has its ups and downs which no one can avoid to experience. One thing I learned on my journey is that I can choose how I will remember and allow each and every experience to affect my life and the outcomes I am desiring so deeply.

I would be dishonest if I said that it’s easy. It’s not. There are days filled with excitement and joy as we move forward facing adversities and experiencing Triumph.  There are other days when we feel like nothing really works. When waking up in the morning after an excited day the doubts and the fears come in questioning every single thing: our worth, our capabilities, and even our purpose! Those are the days when we need the support the most. A tribe of people who has our back, not on the upswing of things but more on the downstream days.

If you’re anything like me you know what it feels like to having to ask for support not believing that you deserve it,  or that it might seems like a weakness if you do.

I believed in that for a long time while I lived my life trying to prove my worth and value in so many ways not realizing that I was compromising My True Values.

Until one day looking around in my life seeing that I am surrounded by everything I thought I ever wanted and still felt alone, unfulfilled, unhappy, and just dissatisfied.  It filled me with frustration until that frustration became my motivation to make the change.

I was tired of not having fun. I was tired of not enjoying my life. I was tired of not living my life. I was surrounded with amazing loving people and still inside I felt like I was dead. I felt like I was living in someone else’s world and the longer I waited the deeper the desire became to face my own self and to figure out how to get out of my own way.



Know that you are not alone even if it feels like most of the time. The shame and guilt we carry through our lives over choices we made in the past has so many beautiful gifts, and you can  discover them with the safety and guidance of a coach who walked a few miles in your shoes. Your life has so much meaning and I am here to help you find them, because I know that all that mess you have lived through contains powerful messages that can change your life forever. Doing it alone hasn’t worked and allowing your past pain to deny yourself the power of a support system will only cost you more of those sleepless nights and hopeless days.

The Journey BACK to YOU!

More than a Coaching Program, a Life Altering Experience!

Combining the book by #1 best selling author Tina Crumpacker; The Journey To YOU “More than a book, an Experience!”  and Eszter’s coaching style and passion for helping people, you receive a TRANSFORMATION EXPERIENCE filled with surprises and life changing moments.

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