Where It All Comes Together! *Spirituality & Personal Growth *Mind, Body and Spirit *Emotional & Mental Well Being! And so much more to learn how to Create and Truly Live the Life of Your Desires!


At Paradise Wellness and Event Center in Bonita Springs, FL.

On Sunday, April 28th, 2019 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


  • Do you ever wonder if there is more to your life?
  • Have you been feeling pulled to do new things but not sure where to start?
  • Are old experiences and memories coming to surface lately, leaving you confused and stuck?
  • Have you been questioning your purpose?
  • Do you feel disconnected and unfulfilled even knowing you have everything you ever wanted?
  • Are you pulled to spend time doing things you enjoy, but feel guilty when doing so?
  • Do you experience a sense of fear to losing your current life if you take a leap of faith on your own desires?
  • Have you experienced dissatisfaction, frustration, loneliness, resentment, anxiety, confusion, sadness, depression or any other emotions you cannot find a reason for?
  • Have you been experiencing things you can’t explain, but you are curious?
  • Have you experienced any kind of loss or despair you can’t seem to move forward from?
  • Are you looking to learn and discover new things about your life, purpose and gifts?
  • Are you looking for guidance or mentorship in any area of your life?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above then

The Gathering

Is the place for you to be on

Sunday, April 28th, 2019, 10:00 am- 6:00 pm.

What is The Gathering Live Event?

A Full Day of Events

Where It All Comes Together

  • Spirituality & Personal Growth
  • Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Emotional & Mental Well Being!
  • And so much more to help you learn how to Create and Truly Live the Life of Your Desires!

“The Gathering is an interactive group event, where sharing personal growth and spiritual practices allows us to support each person on their own unique journey cultivating their desires!”

Venture with us through the

Freedom of  Endless Creative Possibilities as you learn

  • About The 7+ Principles of Emotional Freedom!
  • About Kundalini Meditation and its powerful benefits for all your desires!
  • About the microbiome, Gut-Brain-Axis- your Gut is the Boss in your mental well being!
  • The many meanings of the adventures on your Spiritual Journey!
  • How your intuition is your internal GPS and how to use it!
  • How you can discover your gifts through healing old wounds!
  • How to climb the Emotional Scale while practicing forgiveness and self-compassion!
  • The real purpose of relationships and how triggers are part of your Spiritual Assignment!
  • To see old experiences with new meanings and obstacles as opportunities for healing, growth, and transformation.
  • The value and power of a healthy Mind, Body and Spirit experience as you let go of old beliefs and stories, and transform your fears into faith!
  • And so much more!

Early Registration is Open Now until March 30th.

What are others saying about The Gathering experience!?

“My experience at the gathering was so magical that It’s hard to put into words. I didn’t know anyone there Yet,everyone was respectful and attentive to each other, it was indeed a sacred space. I felt completely supported as I received healing in a very deep level. Eszti is very transparent and to the point. Personally it was powerful! Thank you Eszti. ” ~V.O

Hurry and Register NOW!

Early Registration Price $148.00 only till March 30th!

Save 20% by ACTING NOW!

A Full Day Event with Snacks, Refreshments and Surprises!

Meet your Human Guides for the event!

Eszter (EsZti) Minor (Spiritual Activist, Coach and Speaker)

EsZti will walk you through the 7+ principles and so much more, to help you cultivate your own Unique Emotional Freedom.

With 15+ years of experience as a coach and speaker in the Personal Growth world, a Spiritual Activist and a true believer that healing leads to Emotional Freedom, my mission is to create and model safety and a sense of belonging for women who is ready to step into their calling through healing and growth, by helping them shed the layers of old beliefs, open up to endless and creative possibilities and to take a leap of faith into the world of miracles through love.

I’m EsZti

Gloria Reilly (Kundalini Yoga Teacher @GianKirinYoga, Mindful Living Advocate)

Gloria will be teaching Kundalini Meditation practices to complement each principle as you make your way to your Unique Emotional Freedom.

Founder @GianKirinYoga
Dedicated to delivering to you the light of your inner wisdom.
“Are you seeking peace, empowerment, and inner knowing?
Experience Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan! An inward yoga of awareness, this practice combines yoga postures, breath work, mantra and mudra to cultivate your inner radiance.”

Jeffrey E Berger (Humanitarian Entrepreneur ,Holistic Wellness Partner, #YourGUTGuy)

“Let’s Treat Our Bodies Like The Temple It Is”

“Our gut produces more neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin than our brain. These so-called ‘feelgood’ neurotransmitters regulate our mood and affect our overall mental wellness.”

From Jeff we will learn about the Gut-Brain-Axis connection. How the gastrointestinal tract is sensitive to emotion and how tension, depression, anger, fatigue, confusion and more can trigger symptoms in the gut and what kind of holistic approach is available to improve mental wellness by taking control of the Gut-Brain-Axis (GBX).


What others saying about The Gathering experience?

“Today was my first experience. I was extremely impressed without a doubt. Going with uncertainty and a little hesitant at first, but it was a matter of me getting out of my way.
I believe everyone should be doing some kind of self improvement, manifestation. transformation – what ever it is for them.
It gave me an opportunity to start digging deep inside me.
A work in progress for sure.
Thanks EsZti💜 ” ~J.E.B

There is so much to be said about what happens when you enter a truly loving and accepting place. That is not only what created here but also co-created through a willingness to improve upon not just oneself but those who surround you. There is something mystical, pure, and profound that arises from such a space. The ability to not only help yourself but others along the way. The feeling and understanding that you are not alone. If you have ever found yourself doubting and wondering what more is their for me or what more can I do. Then this is where you deserve to be. If my words are not enough to convince you then why not experience it for yourself? After all the greatest change come from within and this is the place to begin that change. ~J.R


As a Spiritual Activist and Coach, EsZti will be holding a sacred space for intuitive (psychic/medium) readings/messages at the last hour of THE GATHERING as a bonus gift for any volunteer.

Our Human Guides will also be sharing some amazing specials just for you, as a way to express their gratitude for your commitment to growing with us at THE GATHERING!

Thank you for making yourself a priority and for sharing your light with us, as we continue to empower the world, one soul at the time!


Event Location

Paradise Wellness and Event Center.

28410 Bonita Crossings Blvd #11, Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Don’t wait for this opportunity to pass you by!
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